Turo Review | How To Rent Your PERFECT Car!

Are you tired of renting boring cars from the mainstream car rentals? Do you want to have access to almost every vehicle category imaginable?

Try to use Turo!

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this post, let me explain HOW Turo works for you, the renter.

I’m writing this review based on my own experience and understanding of this car rental company.

The focus will be from a renters perspective, giving you an understanding of how one can rent a car, possible pay much less on a daily basis, and have a greater selection of vehicles to choose from (compared to standard car rental services out there).

How TURO Works

Turo, formerly known as Relay Rides, is a peer-to-peer car sharing company. They are the first to make private party car sharing, a reality. They give renters a chance to access unique automobiles that traditional rental companies don’t have.

E.G. Polaris Slingshot, Tesla Model 3, many Classic Cars, etc..
In many circles, Turo is also known as “the AirBnB for cars”.
As a renter, its easy to sign up and get a vehicle (in a little as 30 to 45 minutes). They have both an online dashboard and a mobile app (for IOS and Android).
When creating an account, they will run a background check using your drivers license. Doing this will ensure hosts have safe clientele. This will usually take a few minutes, but in some cases, you can expect to wait a few hours to a day (think holidays).
Once you are cleared up, it’s time to start looking for your PERFECT ride.

*NOTE: There’s usually more options in metropolitan areas. Think places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Seattle just to name a few. 

Cars found in Washington D.C.

Finding Your IDEAL Car

Whether you are using the Turo application or the desktop version, searching for a car is simple. There’s a long search bar which asks: “Where you’ll be renting the car at”, “When will you be picking up the car and when you’ll be dropping it off”.

When you select your location and dates, click the search button to start browsing.
The top areas where you see the “Sort By” button, it lets you choose between Relevance, Prices Low to High, and Prices High to Low. From there, there’s a “Price” button which lets you pick your daily budget. This budget scale goes from $10 to $250+ per day.
The middle button is “Book Instantly“. This will allow you to search for vehicles that are rented on-the-spot with no advanced notice.
You can also press the “Delivery” button, it lets you filter even further the vehicles which have fees for custom drop-offs.

The last button gives you access to ALL the other filtering options such as searching for a car by MAKE, MODEL, FUEL TYPE, FEATURES, and much more.

Let's Find A Car

Let’s role through an example. I want to find a Tesla Model S for rent on Turo, let’s go in and try to find out that matches my needs.

To start out, I’ll place a trip for 3 days, from Monday to Thursday, in Washington D.C.

I'll pick the Tesla on the left. Cheaper and just as good looking.

Let’s look through all the photos, the description provided about this vehicle, daily mileage allowance, and any special guidelines needed to operate this vehicle. 

I am confident in getting this vehicle, let’s move towards making your booking. 

Making Your Booking

From here, booking your car is very straight forward. Have a look at any of the EXTRA’s, what kind of Turo vehicle insurance you want, how much the daily trip fee, and how many miles you can travel during the entire trip. 

If uncertain about some things, READ below as I’ll clarify the most common concerns!

Useful Things To Know (before booking)

If you see anything questionable about booking or anything related to the vehicle you are interested in, the following things will be explained in detail so you know EXACTLY what you can do and what you are paying for. Let’s first start with Turo insurance coverage.

Turo Insurance

The insurance is called “Turo Shield Protection”. You can choose between Premier, Standard, Minimum, or none. If theft or damage happens, deductibles range from a maximum of $0 with the Premier Choice, $500 with the Standard Choice, and $3,000 with the Minimum Choice. 

The lowest cost options will act as basic liability insurance plans. But if you choose no coverage at all, you’ll be fully responsible if at fault.


If something happens and you already had purchased a protection plan through Turo, you can make all insurance claims directly through them. 

Turo Cancelation Policy

Life happens, that’s why knowing the cancelation policy is important. Turo makes it clear how the renter can get a full refund. Below are guidelines to getting your money back: 

  1. 25 hours or more before your strip starts, you can cancel and get a full refund.
  2. You book a trip less than 25 hours before the trip starts, you must cancel within 1 hour after booking.

Simple and straight to the point.

Daily Mileage Allowances

When it comes to renting budget friendly vehicles, most Turo hosts give you ample daily mileage. Daily mileage limits range from 200 to unlimited for cars such as Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Hyundai Accent and other similar cars. For the more luxurious automobiles, your daily mileage limit goes down to as low as 100 to 200. 

In the event that there’s a mileage restriction and you want to go over it, message the owner if the mileage limit is strict or flexible. 

If they respond with strict, ask if you could get a cash discount. 


Delivery Fees

In the event you don’t want to pick up the vehicle yourself, inquire about the delivery option. Ask the host to estimate the cost to have it dropped off wherever your desired destination is. 

The vehicle can be delivered to you for the cost of a taxi or Uber ride back to the house of your host (once they dropped the vehicle off). 

In most cases, hosts will only drop-off their vehicles at airports (that is what I’ve usually seen). A discount or a full exemption of the delivery fee can happen if you rent the vehicle for at least a few days. 

Speciality Age Requirements

It’s a fact that younger drivers are more likely to get into an accident. However, not all drivers are treated equally. Even if you have a clean and safe driving record, if you are under 25 years of age… you’ll pay a 15% extra to rent an automobile per day. 

This is called a “Young Driver Fee“. 

The best cars for anyone who is under 25 are ones that are priced on the lower end (sub $75). This fee is really felt once you start renting cars starting at $100 . 

Lastly, there’s a refundable deposit required for most LUXURY cars for anyone who is under 30 years of age. This is actually a better thing since just a few years ago, if you could put this deposit down, you still couldn’t rent a car since the requirements were for people who are 30+ years of age. 

Now, if you are between 25 and 29 years of age, you can place a $1,000 to $1,500 deposit and rent almost any car in Turo. In some rare cases, there’s some vehicles which can only be rented to 30+ year old individuals.

Don't be this guy...

Basic Things Turo Hosts Love

As you are reading this Turo review, I hope I am answering all the questions you need to know. To wrap it up when it comes to the most common concerns when renting, let’s outline the obvious things a host wants from a renter. The following are in no particular order, they apply in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and anywhere else Turo is available. 

  1. If you can’t drive a manual transmission, be honest with the host. The last thing you’d want is get charged for burning out someones clutch. 
  2. Communicate with the host. Daily rates and mileage limits (as mentioned earlier) can often be negotiable. 
  3. Don’t wear out the vehicles tires. It can be very tempting to do fun things in rental cars. Since you are required to take photos of before and after your rental, if suddenly the back tires lost 50% tread… fingers will be pointed towards you. 
  4. Bring back the vehicle with a full tank or charge.
  5. Ratings for a host are EVERYTHING. If you can honestly give them feedback, they can do the same for you. 
  6. If you are renting, don’t be sketched out of this entire process (especially if this is your first time). Turo is just like AirBnb… but for cars. 

Are There Any Turo Coupon Codes?

There sure is!

Whether you are a renter or a host, you will get a chance to share a unique link with others who want to rent through Turo. If you are new to this, you can get a 25% off coupon by using this link: https://turo.com/c/ivang124

When you book your first trip, the 25 dollars will go directly towards it. This will help both of us out! =)

In Summary

We’ve learned how Turo works, how you can rent your first vehicle there, what to do, what to avoid, and how you can save $25 by signing up. If you found this review helpful and you’d like to get started, click the button below visit Turo and rent your vehicle car!


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