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SNGL LED Kit review
Tired of using “basic” choices, want something that is not only BRIGHT but also, DURABLE? If you do, the SNGL LED Kit is for you!
At AvtoWow, we’ve compared a variety of led conversion kits. From the basic 30 dollar Made in China bulbs, to top of the line kits like this one. After getting our hands on the SNGL kit (aside from being the more expensive set of bulbs), they performed well.
I wrote this SNGL kit review in order for you to have a better understanding of how good or bad these bulbs are.
Keep reading, I’ve outlined the main advantages and disadvantages that you DON’T want to miss!

SNGL Kit Features

With anything, you want to know what kind of features a product has to offer. In this review, I’ve outlined the most important features the SNGL CanBus LED kit has to offer.
  • Light Output of 12,400 lumens – For a bright pair of LED bulbs, the SNGL’s put out 6,200 lumens per bulb. In combination, it makes approximately 12,400 lumens.
  • Light Color at 6000K – Like with most LED lights today, the color output is a soft white 6000K. This is the most common color to expect from the most popular bulbs on the market.
  • Reasonable Energy Usage Per Bulb – This kit is by no means energy efficient. Not at all, in fact they use a whopping 55 watts of energy per bulb.
  • High and Low Beam Compatible – Due to this kits design, they are compatible with both low and HIGH beams. For the headlight housings that are “two-in-one”, this kit will serve well by working for both at the same time.
  • Compatible with Different Sizes – A good kit is not almost useless if fitment is limited. Here, you can choose between H7, H8, H9, H11, H16, H13, 9004, 9005, 9006 and at least a dozen other sizes. You aren’t limited here, and that’s a good thing!
  • SNGL’s ICCS Cooling System – Like with any high power light, there needs to be a decent amount of cooling to keep it running. SNGL has a system called ICCS (Intelligent Constant Cooling System). This might just be a fancy name for proper bulb cooling.
  • Adjustable Light Pattern – If you twist the SNGL bulbs either left or right, you can adjust the light pattern which these bulbs will output.
  • CanBus Ready – This kit includes the proper (and necessary) anti-flicker/decoder. This is necessary to ensure lights stay on and never “glitch”. Keep in mind that this won’t work in low voltage low/high beam + DRL applications.
  • 24 Month Warranty – In the event you need a replacement part, SNGL got your back for 24-months.
SNGL review


So far, we’ve outlined the most important features of this entire kit. With all those things being said, how about we find out the advantages of using the SNGL kit.
  • Installation is VERY easy – Once you reach your vehicles headlight bulb housing, installation should take no more than 15 minutes. Their plug-and-play design makes them as easy to use as plugging and unplugging an appliance.
  • Light… Reaches FAR – This is by far the biggest difference. Due to the intense light output (12,400 lumens combined), SNGL can reach 4-5 car lengths further than halogens.
  • Odds are, It Will Work In Your Vehicle – I briefly touched on this point earlier, but I want to make it fully clear now. There’s at least 12 different sizes to choose from. The popular H7, H11, 9005, 9006, 9007 and 9012 are among the fitment options.
  • Beautiful WHITE Light Output – Halogens are known for having poor light output and color. 4300K (white + yellow colors combine) is the most common color found with halogens bulbs. With the SNGL kit, you get a pure (soft) white light. It can even make a $500 rust-bucket beater, look 10x more valuable!


As much as we’d like to say SNGL made a perfect product… not quite. Let’s talk about the SNGL kit’s biggest pitfalls.
  • The price… a bit steep – We can talk about the brightness and throw-out distance all we want. But when it comes to the price, costing almost 200 dollars is too expensive. This is one of the most common complaints people have given this kit. Us reviewing the product ourselves, it would be fair to say this kit is too expensive and not much different than a 100 dollar set.
  • Do NOT work with low-voltage lighting systems – The company makes it clear that it does not work with low-voltage lighting systems. If you drive some GMC and Chevy automobiles (trucks and SUV’s), these will NOT work for you.
  • Work BETTER in Projector Housings – Reflector housings work great with halogens and HID’s. When it comes to using LED’s, you won’t be getting super good results. We recommend you use these bulbs in projector housings only.

SNGL Buttom Line...

That was a quick review, wasn’t it? You’ve come this far and you may be asking yourself, “what should I do now?”.
First thing first, does your vehicle have a reflector or projector housing? If you have a projector housing, that’s good news for you!
If you are upgrading from an HID kit, you may notice a difference in the “width” of the light coverage. HID’s are often known for throwing light out much further. LED’s can give you much wider coverage.
This SNGL kit has decent forward-reaching coverage (VERY bright lights when you see them head-on). These will not only be bright, but they will also last you much longer (10,000+ hours vs 2,000-3,000 hours).
To learn more about SNGL, click here!

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