JBV1 App for Android | Overview Guide

JBV1 Android App

It’s incredible, isn’t it? We now have more options outside of Waze to detect police radar and report it to others. If you haven’t heard about the JBV1 app for Android, you will now. This application is available for iOS and Android users and is 100% free to use. 

The beauty of this application is that you can see real-time radar, user alerts, a supportive community, and a few other interactive features that we will dive into soon. Let’s dive into the FEATURES of the JBV1 Radar application and see exactly why this using this app makes having the V1, far more worth it. 

JBV1 app features

JBV1 App Features

  • Auto GPS Lockouts: This feature REQUIRES you to pair the V1 with the application, but once you do, you can filter out door openers and speed signs.
  • Low-Speed Muting: When paired with the V1, the app can automatically mute the radar detector below certain speeds.
  • Additional BSM muting: Similar to low-speed muting, the app also lets you mute alerts from BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring systems).
  • Frequency Display of Radar: Something that the V1 does NOT have, pairing the V1 with JBV1 lets you see the exact frequency or frequencies being detected.
  • Works Hand-in-Hand with V1: You can probably tell by now this app was made for the V1. It brings out the BEAST MODE in the V1. As an example, the app can automatically reprogram the V1 depending on where you drive (cross over into Ohio and have X-band turned ON, or cross over into California and have K-band turned OFF). 
  • Log Alerts: Save alerts and mark them according to the map location you received them.
  • Crowdsource Data of Police Spotting: Just like with Waze, multiple users can mark locations of police speed traps. 
  • Historic Crowd Source Data Overlay on Map: As you and other users drive through your area, data can begin to overlap the map and show you a color-coated history of where you are driving, at any given moment. See the hot spots for police radar activity. etc.
  • Police Aircraft Alerts: Like speed traps, you can report and receive reports of police aircraft running radar. 
  • TMG Laser Jammer Integration: If you run a pair of TMG America laser jammers, the app can pair directly with them and show you alerts via the app. 
  • Red-light and Speed Camera Alerts: Similar to Waze, you can see advanced speed cameras and red-light camera locations. 
  • Speed Limit Info: As you drive, the app can display your current speed and the posted speed limit.
  • Current Location Display: You can also see your current location on the app. 
  • Real-time weather info: You can see a small window on the app showing you LIVE radar. 
  • Integrates with Waze: When the app turns ON, you can trigger Waze to turn ON, every time.
  • Automatically Reconnects to V1: Similarly, the app can reconnect to the V1 radar detector when it turns ON, every time.
How to use the JBV1 app

How to use the JBV1 Police Spotting App

Using the JBV1 takes a bit more technical know-how than using Waze. This application is designed to be used together with the Valentine One (Gen 1 and 2). Using the application will take a bit of patience and going through all the settings. However, there’s a great video below that shows you in great detail, how to use the app. 

A user on the RDForum @Tregar, put together an overview of JBV1’s settings you can read over to get familiar with the app. You’ll need to download the PDF file, but one thing is certain, it’s a great resource. 

jbv1 standalone mode

Running JBV1 in Standalone Mode

While this may be a V1-friendly app, many people don’t use the V1 (myself included). If that’s the case, don’t worry. The JBV1 can be run in “Standalone” mode, essentially giving you all the features, minus the ones a V1 would give you access to. 

To get access and to enable “Standalone” mode, here’s what you have to do:

  • Tap on Menu
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Connections
  • Scroll Down to OTHER OPTIONS
  • Tap on Standalone
  • Switch ON the “Connect starts standalone” button
  • From there, you’ll be able to access the Standalone mode from the home screen, shown on the left side (in place of Connect). 

NOTE: When the app is closed and opened back up, it will countdown from 5 and automatically take you into the Standalone mode screen.

Any Questions?

A big thank you to Vortex Radar on YouTube for introducing me to this application. He is a true source of information on radar detectors. 

For all you iOS users out there, sorry that this app is not available on your platform. A great alternative to this application would be the Highway Radar app. To a lesser degree, the Escort Live and iRadar app. 


  1. Consider donating to John Boy on the RDForum. This app is completely free to download and it would help him with monthly costs. 
  2. You can download the JBV1 App here on the Play Store.
  3. Read up on my entire list of the most popular radar detector applications to download.