How to Rent a Tesla Model S, 3, X & Y

How to Rent a Tesla

Today more than ever before, electric cars have become a way of life. They ARE the future, after all. Tesla is undoubtably the most iconic company for making electric cars that look GOOD. From their Model S, to the latest Mode Y, there’s a Tesla for every need.

While you CAN get a used Tesla for less than $30K, it can be a gamble. The high-mileage Teslas are usually reliable, but there’s no guarantees and no warranty.

Buying new or even certified pre-owned is the way to go for these expensive vehicles. If you want to spend some quality time with one (especially before you buy one), the best thing to do is to RENT one.

Believe it or not, renting a Tesla doesn’t have to be expensive.

Personally, I’ve rented a Tesla Model S P85+ (for $130), a 85D (for $95) and a Model 3 Long Range (for $99). I’m saving some money right now so I can experience a Model X.

I did some research and found a few options that give you access to Tesla. Whether you want to rent a Tesla Model S, X, 3, Y, or heck… even the original Roadster, there’s a way to do it. In this post, I’ll show you how to rent a Tesla at the lowest cost possible.

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me and my wife in a Tesla
*the first time me and my wife sat in a Tesla Model S (in Taipei , Taiwan)

How to Rent a Tesla - TWO ways

#1. Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, etc...

This is by far the most popular option. Rental car companies such as Hertz, Enterprise, Avis, and many others are known for having huge fleets. Their fleets are so big that they have a USED CAR department to sell off what they don’t use anymore.

While most cars they rent out aren’t EVs, Enterprise has a few dozen cities that give you the option to rent a Tesla. There are 29 towns and cities such as: Atlanta, Dallas, Orlando, Washington DC, Naples, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and many more.

NOTE: I researched Herz and Avis for similar access to Tesla but I came up short. The pages I came across did not showcase any kind of fleet or which cities they are available in. Enterprise seems to be one of the few companies that DOES give you the Tesla option.

Typical requirements to rent Tesla (from Enterprise in this example):

  • Must be 25+ years of age
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Valid transferable full-coverage insurance
  • Present a security deposit (amount varies)
  • Major credit card on file

The main PROS to renting through companies like Enterprise is that you can return the car to most Enterprise locations and you have 24/7 access to customer support.

The main CON is that you are limited to 150-200 miles per day (additional costs $0.25-$0.75 cents per mile).

#2. TURO

If you know about AirBnb, the concept is the same with Turo. People (like you and me) who own our cars, can rent them out to other people, and generate rental income. Turo has been around since the early 2010’s. They used to be called RelayRides until the company went belly-up and rebranded themselves under new management.

What I like about Turo is that it’s available even in the smallest towns and cities. Most medium to large-sized cities give you access to many different Teslas. Here’s an example of a city:

In the area of Tampa, FL you can find over 30 Teslas for rent. The most popular is obviously the Model 3, but you can also find the Model S, X, and even Y.

Unlike with Enterprise, some either come with UNLIMITED miles or give you an option to pay extra to make it have unlimited mileage.

Here’s why you SHOULD rent through Turo:

  • Lots of unique Tesla’s to choose from. From the base model S, to the ultra-fast Model S and X P100D.
  • Most prices are very reasonable.
  • Mileage allowances can sometimes be negotiated in-person.
  • Discounts apply for long-term rentals (7 days, 14 days, 30 days).

The main downsides to renting through Turo:

  • Some Tesla can be overpriced
  • Insurance coverage can be pricey for the “ZERO out of pocket” package.
Overall, this is the BEST way to rent a Tesla without spending too much of your hard earned money. 

Rent a Tesla Model S and Model S Plaid

how to rent a tesla model s

If a Lamborghini Countach made you put a poster on your wall as the “future” dream car, then the Model S is the same in many ways. Since 2012, Teslas has made many versions and trim levels of this car. From the very first 40kWh version, to the latest Long Range 100kWh+ (400+ mile) variant we see today.

You can rent this car on sites like Turo for a very reasonable amount.

When I was browsing through Turo for a Model S to rent, I came across at least 15 in my area (DC metro). Prices ranged from $75-$200 for the P100D Ludicrous model. Overall, you could rent one for as little as $75 and get a 200-mile allowance.

The trims I saw were: Plaid, 75D, 100D, 85, 70D, 60D, and a few others. The options are many

On Enterprise’s website, I could only find the latest models (100D and above). Those were ranging from $125-$350 per day.

Rent a Tesla Model X and Model X Plaid

how to rent a tesla model x

The Model S sealed its place in history as one of the first EV’s you can drive not just locally, but also long distance. It is truly a beautiful, sleek, and sexy automobile.
If you want something more “utility” oriented, Tesla released their Model X in early 2016. Not only can it go off-road, but it can also seat up to 7 people.

Did I mention it has butterfly doors?
For more than a decade, crossovers and SUVs have been selling like hot cakes. You can seat your whole family, go off-road, tow up to 5,000 pounds, and in the top trim level, drive more than 300 miles on a single charge.
Renting a Model X is somewhat difficult. It’s difficult because it’s hard to find a company with one in stock. The best option again is Turo.
The Model X costs considerably more per day, but that’s to be expected. Anything less than $100 is highly unlikely, expect to pay $125-$150 for the 75D, 90D, or the 100D. It’s a different experience compared to the Model S. If you want to try one before you buy, Turo is the way to go.

how to rent a tesla model 3

Rent a Tesla Model 3 and Performance

If you thought the Model S and X gave a lot of hype to the mass public, you’d be wrong. The Model 3 was praised for being the first mainstream electric car for under $40,000. They kept to their promise and now you can find dozens upon dozens for rent on platforms like Turo.

If you go to any medium-sized city, you’ll probably find 3-5 driving around throughout the day.

What makes the Model 3 so great is that it has a simple design, yet it manages to have so many features packed.

Everything can be controlled from the large touchscreen.

Since there’s so many Model 3’s on the market, a few have started to offer theirs with unlimited mileage. Better yet, most Model 3’s I found for rent cost less than $100 per day. If you want an affordable EV that comes with a reliable charging network, can seat an entire family, has AWD (optional), and looks good… the Model 3 is for you.

Rent a Tesla Model Y

Rent a Tesla Model Y and Performance

From a distance, the Model Y looks like someone “lifted” a Model 3 and made it into an off-road vehicle. To be honest, that’s pretty close. The Model Y squeezed nicely between the Model 3 and Model X. This is the “RAV4” of Tesla vehicles some say, while other say it’s the baby Model X.

Whatever you think of the Model Y, people are LOVING theirs.

What makes the Model Y so great, is that it takes little to no adjustment going from a Model 3 to the Model Y. The interior is the same, but with the Model Y, you get 3rd row seating that can seat up to 7.

I couldn’t find any on Enterprise, but on Turo, as expected I found a dozen or so. In the next year or so, there will be many more.

how to rent a tesla roadster

Rent the original Tesla Roadster 1.0

The Tesla Roadster 1.0 was the original Tesla, released in 2008 and becoming the most expensive and fastest EV’s on the market.

Tesla set the benchmark back then with the Roadster, and they continue to do so every few years since then with their new models.

While the original Roadster may be 10+ years old, it’s the most expensive Tesla to rent (if you can find one). Because of its rarity, you can expect to pay no less than $250 per day. As time will continue to pass, this car will become a classic collector’s item and probably cost even more to rent.

I searched the entire Turo platform to find the Roadster 1.0 to rent. Prices ranged from $250 to $2,000, per day… I’m not joking.

It may not be the fastest EV, but it sure is the most unique.

In Summary

If you want to check and see if renting a Tesla near you is viable, hop onto Turo and see what’s available. Creating an account is easy and they even let you save cars that you can look at later. 

If you have any other suggestions about renting Teslas, please let me know. Leave a comment below.

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