How to Hide a Radar Detector from Police

How to hide a radar detector

Are you tired of getting caught with your radar detector? Want to avoid the hefty fines and points on your license? Look no further! In this article, we will reveal the top tricks and techniques for hiding your radar detector from the prying eyes of law enforcement. 

From clever placement to stealthy covers, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn the ultimate guide on how to keep your radar detector hidden and avoid getting caught.

Why would you want to hide a radar detector?

There are several reasons why someone may want to hide their radar detector from being seen by law enforcement.

First, many states and regions have laws that prohibit the use of radar detectors in certain areas, such as commercial vehicles and construction zones. If caught using a radar detector in these areas, individuals may face hefty fines or even points on their license. By hiding the radar detector, individuals can avoid detection and the associated penalties.

Second, some law enforcement agencies use radar detector-detectors to detect the use of radar detectors. These devices can detect the presence of a radar detector even if it is turned off, and can be used to identify individuals who are using radar detectors in prohibited areas. By hiding the radar detector, individuals can avoid detection by these devices.

Finally, hiding a radar detector can also be important for those who want to avoid the potential social stigma associated with using a radar detector. Some people may view the use of radar detectors as unethical or dishonorable, and individuals who are concerned about their reputation may choose to hide their radar detector in order to avoid negative perceptions.

Overall, hiding a radar detector can be an important strategy for avoiding legal penalties, detection by law enforcement, and negative perceptions from others.

hiding a radar detector on a windshield

Hiding a standard radar detector.

A regular radar detector that mounts to a windshield is the most popular and cost effective option. Prices can range from 100 dollars and go all the way up to 800 dollars for the top tier model. Regardless, unless you get a special mount that places the radar detector into a designated areas (like to the rear-view mirror), most use a suction cup that attaches to the windscreen.

Hiding one that attaches to your windscreen is fairly easy, the following a few popular ways.

Hiding behind a tint strip: If your windscreen has the top portion tinted out, ideally 4-6 inches worth of tint to hid behind, that is the best place to hide a radar detector. From our testing, we noticed no performance impact.

Disguising the detector: One of the less popular options is to disguise your radar detector as something else. Whether to mount it close to a phone mount, lay it flat on the dash along with a few other things to where it makes it difficult to pin-point, or anything else that comes to mind.

No electronic footprints: Mosts good radar detectors are undetectable to RDD’s (radar detector detectors). In the states only Virginia and Washington D.C. have been known to using these tools to sniff out RD’s. A great brand like Uniden, specifically the Uniden R3 (which is currently one of the best value deals to get), they are virtually undetectable. Not even a few feet away can the RDD’s sniff out the RD’s.

hiding an installed detector

Hiding an installed radar detector

That magic of grill mounted radar detectors is that they are by default, very stealthy based on where they are installed. There’s only one MAIN thing to consider if you have a built-in radar detector.

Thats the electronic footprint. Not all of these 1,000 USD + detectors are undetectable to RDD’s.

You may be driving down the road and seeming even forget you have one. However, if a police officer uses the RDD and it narrows it down to your vehicle, they can easily pull you over and start inspecting your vehicle for where your RD might be located.

A highly recommended unit for this, while pricey, is the Escort Max Ci 360.

If you can swing the cost, this hardwired radar detector is highly recommended for performance and stealth. In the radar detector world, its a match made in heaven.

pitfalls to avoid when hiding a detector

Pitfalls to Avoid

You may be wondering, what the heck else is there to do when it comes to hiding a radar detector. Is it really that complicating?

In isn’t, it just comes down to your main reasoning why you are trying to hide it. 

If your local laws prohibit their use, hiding one from the police is your main priority. On top of what I already mentioned, the ONE thing to avoid doing, or at least be mindful of doing is sudden breaking. 

Police often know that when they use their radar, especially the “instant-on” option, if your vehicle has been targeted, when they hit you with the full blast of K or KA band, you slamming on your breaks because the detector is going off like crazy is a RED FLAG. 

Making sense so far? Pretty much, in times when the police office is picking cars off one by one with “instant-on”, if you are targeted, you’ll either get a speeding ticket, or if weren’t speeding but still slammed on your brake pedal, it will raise a few eyebrows and you might still get chased. 

Although rare, it’s something to consider when driving. 

NOTE: This rule applies to Virginia, Washington D.C., and the rest of Canada (with the exception of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan).

So What's the Ultimate Setup?

If you want complete privacy from people and police, going the installed route would be your best bet. Specifically, the Escort model I mentioned earlier would be the best radar detector.

  • When it comes to performance, it has it.
  • When it comes to being hard to see by anyone, it’s difficult to spot and confirm whether its a detector or parking sensors. Odds are almost 0% that someone will steal it or an officer will point it out.
  • No electronic footprint, it is also 100% undetectably by all modern RDD’s.

So in a nutshell, if you want to hide your radar detector… install it, make sure its undetectable, or at the very least, have it mounted on the windshield where it can’t be seen easily.