Uniden R3 Radar Detector Review

Uniden R3 Review

If you are here, you probably already know the hype of the Uniden R3 radar detector… I mean it is simply the highest performing detector to date, blowing out of the water what used to be the king (Escort Redline).

I am going address all the up sides, down side, as well as key features that YOU should know before you buy. But first, since when did Uniden make radar detectors?

That’s a good question, the answer to that is since 2015 or so. They came out with their LRD series which for very reasonable sums of money, outperformed detectors almost 2x more expensive.

Without a doubt they were the kings of value at that time.

Now, fast-forward to 2018 and they brought out their flagship detectors, with unbeatable range, features, and much more.

R3 vs R1

Back in the day, if you wanted best of all worlds… it simply did not exist. Say you wanted a radar detector that had amazing range and great false filtering, that simply never happened.

At best, you could get one of the remote installed radar detectors that could deliver on such promise, and even then all worlds didn’t mix well.

Today it’s a different story, while somewhat hard to find a detector with plenty of features and excellent range, the R3 delivers on it all. Let’s dive into the primary features associated with this radar detector.

Uniden R3 Features

The features, talking about the best parts in this Uniden R3 review:

  • Undetectable: More and more manufacturers are becoming awake to the fact that, people who live in areas where these devices are illegal for use, actually want to use them more than other places. Virginia, many places in Canada and much more. In fact, many places abroad also outlaw these devices. Uniden did the right thing by making it undetectable to VG-2 and Spectre-Elite radar detector detectors. Combined with its fantastic range, the only windshield mounted detector that had a similar setup was the Redline.
  • GPS Enabled: Like the current high-tech radar detectors, this too is high-tech. GPS has changed the game when it comes to filtering false alerts, and with rising popularity of using GPS chips in detectors, Uniden has adopted it for their R3, with additional features such as low speed muting, red light camera warnings, over speed warnings, automatic lockout of false alerts and marking speed traps.
  • K & KA Band Segmentation: Escort and Beltronics were the first ones to do this, with the popularity of this type of tuning… Uniden jumped onboard and introduced their own segmentation, but not just with KA band… they do it with K band as well. Remember, some places use K band as a primary means of radar… throwing some people off-guard and making them assume its a false alert (I’ve been there).
  • Customizable Everything: This has to be one of my favorite things about the detector, customize anything on the detector. As we move towards “personalized anything”, seeing that in something that was never really like that before… gives you more personalized connecting with the detector. Just to give you some examples, you can customize the color layout, whether you want to see the multiple frequencies at once, current gps speed, compass, battery voltage, brightness of the screen and much more.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity: This has to be one of the first detectors to actually let you adjust the sensitivity of X, K and KA band in 10% increments. Not only can you switch from City, Highway and Advanced mode, you can adjust the sensitivity of X, K and KA bands in 10% increments. I’ve grown to love the feature, especially when I get too much sensitivity in K band. I simply reduce it by 25%, resulting in lower overall false alerts.
  • BSR & TSR Filtering: As more and more things around us are using K band such as blind sport monitoring systems, adaptive cruise control, automatic door openers and more… it is becoming harder and harder to filter out those false sources of K band. Luckily, advancement in technology is letting us greatly reduce those sources tot he point where it’s bearable. The R3 has both Traffic Sensor Rejection and Blind Spot Rejection filters in place (among other things). 


I’d like to summarize the main advantages to just a few BIG ones, as you already see the Uniden R3 radar detector is a groundbreaking as a whole. Let’s get into what you’ll REALLY benefit from.

  • Groundbreaking Performance: Everyone knows the groundbreaking performance the last king had, but with Uniden they have raised the bar even further. Look at this way, the Uniden R3 is 1-2x more long-range than its closest competitors. This means, what you will detect at 1 mile away with something like a Beltronics STI-Magnum, you can be sure to get 1.5-2.0 miles longer range on average. Now that is performance!
  • Use it Anywhere, 100% Stealth: You can use the R3 anywhere, in any state, in any province, in any territory. You get 100% stealth against their electronic devices called the RDD’s. What I like about the R3 is the peace of mind you’ll get the moment you drive into states like Virginia and districts like Washington DC.
  • Good False Filtering: What is good range without good filtering, being so sensitive towards all frequencies leaves you vulnerable to many false alerts. Luckily the R3 implements many (as mentioned above) false alert filtering settings. The R3 lets you mute any alerts below a certain speed limit, filter out using specific settings in the menu. A proper setup (which can be found here), will take you a long way!


It’s an almost perfect radar detector, I mean… its as perfect as it can get. However there was one missing feature that I wish it had, and that is detection of MRCD‘s. That’s pretty much a low k-band radar, when this becomes available, it will be by far the champion of them all. 

But even without that, it’s still a fantastic radar detector!

Uniden R3 Summary

We’ve come to the end of the review, did you like what you read?

In all honesty, all the hype has been real with the Uniden R3 radar detector, it delivers on its performance, it has the proper filtering settings, and for those stubborn states where these devices are illegal, you’ll have further peace of mind.

There’s a full and comprehensive radar detector reviews list. I strongly urge you to look into it to see just how this one stacks up against all others!

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