Escort Max360c Radar Detector Review

Max360c Review

Here we have the newest addition to the lineup, Escort Max360c radar detector. Do you remember the “old” Max360 that Escort released about 2-3 years ago… this is the updates version of it, with some critical features that you should take advantage of.

You know, when I was browsing through catalogs of radar detectors, this one popped up and it almost seemed like a completely different radar detector.

Compared to the older version, this one looks like it has lost weight, has become slimmer and the color scheme looks better in my opinion. The key here is to remember it is still called the “360” because it has not just one but two antennas against X, K and KA bands.

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Back to when I was scrolling through a catalog, I personally thought this is a groundbreaking device that would allow you to do everything under the sun, with extra features that its older brother didn’t have. But that turned out to not be the case.

It seems like Escort is using the same strategy as before with this one, add a few different changes, jack up the price, release it, and gradually lower the price until a new one comes out.

Nothing wrong with that, at this stage of the game in 2018, its still mostly new to the market place. What I’ll do below is dive into the primary features, advantages and disadvantages so you exactly what to know.

Escort Max360c Features

Being a redesigned and updated detector means you are getting more here than you did before, what exactly you’ll be getting you are about to find out. Only the most important features will be mentioned.

  • 360 Degree Protection: Odds are if it wasn’t for this one feature, most would not even consider this radar detector. Truth of the matter, Valentine One became a legend after being the first to implement arrows to their detector. After the patent expired, Escort jumped onboard and made their 360 series have arrows also. The Max360c does it well, but with redesigned arrows being a bit bigger and more spread out. I think this makes it much easier to read, especially at first glance.
  • GPS Based Lockouts: Escort is smart with their technology, and one thing they have patented to ensure no one copies until mod 2020 is their GPS based automatic lockouts. This has to be one of the biggest features to come from the Max series. How it works is simple, using GPS it knows when you pass by a location that emits the same radar frequency (specifically k band). After a few times you pass by that location, it will automatically mute that alert, and you won’t hear a thing. 
  • Integrated WiFi: Unlike with the original Max360 which operated on just bluetooth connectivity, this one here can work with WiFi. Before, you would need to get access to the Escort Live app to connect your detector to it. This time, the Escort Live is built in and won’t require you to have the phone present. As long as you can connect to a fixed wifi source such as your cell phones or your cars, Escort Live will be working flawlessly.
  • New Design: This is obvious, but worth noting. One of the key features of this detector is a complete redesign of the detector, from the color scheme, button layout, arrows and how this detector gets to be mounted. By comparison to the original, this one is a bit slimmer. 
  • Good False Alert Filtering: A great highlight found here is good overall false alert filtering, while not fool proof, you can expect to get significantly better filtering of blind spot monitoring systems which commonly use K band. In addition, filtering out even some stationary K band signals is also not uncommon. When combined hand-in-hand with its GPS enabled lockouts, you’ll have one quiet radar detector.
  • Magnetic EZ Mount: Escort has revolutionized their new mounts that are far different from previous “clip-in” mounts. Again they have patented their EZ Mag Mounts for their radar detectors, making it exclusively an Escort thing. How it works is quite simple, you first need take the suction cup mount and place it on your windshield. From there you take the radar detector and attach it to the suction cup mount. Using strong magnets, the detector will stick to the mount and not wobble around. Taking it off is as easy as putting it back on.
Max360c Advantages


Now that you know each important benefit, wouldn’t you like to know how this detector will benefit you if you decide to go with it. Let find out!

  • More Peace of Mind with 360 Degree Protection: For all of those who use detectors with much better range, one thing desired the most are directional arrows. While great range is a fantastic, it can sometimes leave you with an uneasy feeling. Imagine driving down the road, getting a KA band shot at you. You can’t see the threat but, you can definitely know its either in front or behind. With the Max360c, you’ll know exactly where you are getting  shot from. A wonderful perk!
  • You’ll Get LESS False Alerts on Average: If you live in the city or a big town, you’ll know there’s so many places with automatic opening doors. Those doors operate on K band in 99.9% of the cases, and odds are most detectors will get alerts to them. With proper Automatic Lockouts, TSR and BSM filtering enabled, you can drastically reduce those alerts. Based on my analysis, Max360c does quite well in populated areas!
  • If Escort Live, No App Necessary: The KEY differentiating aspect of the 360c from the regular 360 is, its WiFi capability. As I mentioned previously, with the Max360c you get built-in WiFi that allows you to tether to any internet enabled device, whether its your cell phone or your car. Escort Live is built-in and will allow you take full advantage of that apps features all within this detector. When it comes to convenience, this has to be one of the biggest things.


I won’t be the first one to say this radar detector has some pitfalls, maybe more than one. Below, let’s go over what those few pitfalls are.

  • Price Tag: At the moment in late 2018, this is the most expensive windshield mounted radar detector you can buy. While this can be justified for all the features associated with it, it may not be too justifiable if you take into consideration the next disadvantage. At the end of the day, it comes down to your priorities and what are things you are willing to not have or have just mediocre of something.
  • Average Performance: For its top-notch price you’d expect high performance against K and Ka bands, but that’s not the case, at best the range is average. That’s a disappointment for me because at the moment this detector costs around 650 dollars, which is very expensive for a windshield mounted unit. Nonetheless, as I said before, you have to know what your priorities are.

Escort Max360c Summary

There you have it, did you like this review of Escort Max360c? Whether you think this radar detector is worth the money or not, the key features it has make it special when comparing to other units.

In fact, you can compare this one to other units here. I have a complete, detailed buyer’s guide that lets you know what the top ones are as of 2019. Have a look and see for yourself.

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