Escort iX Radar Detector Review

Escort iX Review

Have you ever head of the Escort 9500ix, it one of the most popular radar detector ever made. Escort claims they sold more than 500,000 units over the course of its life.

Well, THIS is the Escort iX radar detector and it is the replacement for the previous classic. Many have been waiting for it for years, with the new redesigned look… it looks like a really good detector.

I first saw this at the local Best Buy and was wondering…  is this some kind of brand spanking new detector just like the Max was?

Escort iX Advantages

After some time, i connected the dots and came to the conclusion that it was the replacement for the old 9500ix, thus why they called it the iX. 

At the time it cost me around 400 dollars and I thought that was pretty reasonable, but today in fall of 2018, the price has dropped quite a bit (more on that later).

So as you continue reading below, I’ll cover essential facts about it with key features, advantages for you when driving, some disadvantages, and overall bottom line. Go ahead, keep reading!

Escort iX Features

While this is considered to be a “mid-range” detector by Escort, it has plenty of features that high-end models have. Let’s get into what the main features are in this Escort iX review:

  • LCD Display: This is a HUGE improvement from the old single color displays that the old 9500ix used. Thanks to Escort, they have been leaders in clear lcd displays that show you all information necessary. This one in particular I like because it shows you the speed limit on the far left, current speed (via GPS) next to it, radar frequency in the middle and the signal strength on the far right. Well laid out, and I’ll give them a 5 out of 5 for it. 
  • GPS Enabled Filtering & Lockouts: What the old 9500ix was known for is GPS false alert lockouts. I remember personally using the 9500ix in my friends BMW and seeing him lockout local pharmacies where they had automatic door openers. I thought this was the coolest feature ever, and it was at that time. Today, most modern detectors have some version of the GPS chip. This one has GPS where it will automatically learn the false alert after passing by it a few times, all through their patented AutoLearn feature
  • Magnetic Mount: For the longest time we have used the classic “clip-in” mounts that more or less, worked as intended. Escort has done something different, they made the whole process of mounting and un-mounting as easy as it gets. Their Magnetic Mount that comes with the iX is one of the most loved parts of the detector. No rattle, sturdy placement, and easy mounting and un-mounting. 
  • App Bluetooth Compatible: This feature is no longer exclusive to the Max series of radar detectors from Escort. The built-in bluetooth capability enables you to connect the detector directly to the Escort Live app. This app gives you further control of your detector, without having to get into the settings manually. In addition, the app lets you mark locations of police, and get alerts from others (just like in Waze).
Escort iX


With all the features mentioned above, I’m sure you’d care to know the advantages to all of them. I’ll cover that for you right below, so continue reading. 

  • Good Value: I’ll be honest, this company used to be way over priced when it came to new detectors, but it looks like every single one they make is more or less the same with subtle differences. What I like about the iX is the price tag, around $330-$350 dollars seems to be the average. While it is not the Max360 with arrows, it has all the other functions and similar range for almost 50% less cost. Bang for the buck is this detectors strong point. 
  • Less Headache with False Alerts: If you live in any kind of town, especially city, you are being bombarded with false k band from automatic door openers and other automobile bling spot monitoring systems. The way to combat THAT is to simply have some filtering options enabled, luckily this one has a few that can help. Aside from the AutoLockout feature that through GPS learns to ignore a false source when it passes it by a few times, it will also allow you to activate TSR and BSR.  
  • Personalize It: Today more than every before, we want to keep things OUR way. Escort has done it well with the iX by letting you customize various settings such as background color, different modes of sensitivity, GPS on or off, and a few other things. Overall, being able to tweak things to make it tailored towards YOUR needs… is always a good thing!


Nothing is perfect in this world, this detector being no exception. I found one or two things that you should strongly consider before buying.

  • LCD Display Can Be Faulty: This has been by far the most common complaint when it comes to  actual problems from users. While this isn’t a guarantee, it does happen so keep it in mind.

Escort iX Summary

What do you think, does the Escort iX radar detector fits your needs? If I was looking for a radar detector, I’d strongly consider looking into this one in particular. For the mid 300’s, getting GPS lockouts and pretty good range makes it worth getting. 

I actually have a complete guide talking about the best radar detectors currently available, I strongly consider you check the full guide to ensure you know what the closest competitors are to the iX. 

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