10 Best Radar Detectors for 2019​

 Don’t deny it… all those things you heard about radar detectors being useless, don’t believe them. They work, and the ones mentioned below, work like a charm!

In this guide, we are going to dive deep into the best radar detectors you can buy for any type of budget.

So you are wondering which one to buy with so many to choose from, in most cases  there’s conflicting information from all sources saying buy “this” and buy “that”. Many others will say the opposite, it can be very confusing.

My name is Armen, and I will aim to give you the most knowledge based on my own research and what information i was putting together for myself when I eventually chose the radar detectors I am using right now (I’ll tell you exactly what I have in my car at the moment in the guide later).

As a quick reference, there’s a chart below with the best one starting at the top and working its way down. Further as you continue reading, you’ll see each radar detector review in detail.

The Best Radar Detectors
from #1 to #10

You are about dive into a list of radar detectors that COPS would hate for you to have. Their ability to detect police from long distances, sharp corners, and even their ability to spot red light cameras before you even get close… is unmatched. 

As you see below, the first one is labeled as the most recommended detector and as you continue down the list to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and all the other remaining ones.

#1 Uniden R1 & R3 - The Best Radar Detector On The Market

After doing some thorough analysis of this radar detector, if there was one word I could describe the Uniden R3 radar detector in… it would be “Bugatti”. It’s the fastest in every aspect and it’s a perfect match for… almost everyone. 

When you look at this detectors performance, it truly stands out against K and KA band radar. With further settings to fine-tune the given range, you are planting the performance benchmark into a category hardly anyone could compete in (so far).

What makes this radar detector so good is the ability to combine almost all modern features you find on the higher end detectors, into one package. The beautiful LCD screen, integrated GPS, relatively small size, and customization options that you actually can’t find on most other radar detectors (like choosing your alert tones). 

THIS radar detector is right for you IF, you live where detectors are illegal (its undetectable to RDD’s), you live in places where there’s a lot of corners, trees, mountains etc, as even the weakest signal can alert you where most others can’t, and lastly you want the absolute best range possible. 


  • Longest Detection Range Currently Available
  • 100% Undetectable to VG-1 and Spectre Elite RDD’s
  • Has a Lot of Customizable Settings
  • Features GPS (in R3 version) for False Alert Lockouts
  • In-depth Filtering Options to Reduce False Alerts from X, K and KA Band Sources


  • Nothing

#2 Escort MAX360c - Radar Detector With The Most Features

When you first look at this radar detector, you’ll notice it looks a fair bit slimmer then the old Max360. Apart from that, you can expect to get identical performance and features. However, there’s ONE feature which makes it different than the standard Max360. That feature is wireless connectivity to your mobile device.

When you pair your Max360c to your mobile phone or to your cars wifi system, you immediately have access to latest firmwares, updates and even to the infamous Escort Live App for crowd-sourced alerts. Now, normally you’d have to use a usb cable to connect your detector to a phone… but for that extra $150-$200 dollars, you do get wireless connectivity. 

With THAT being the most important thing compared to its older brother, you get the same “good” overall detection range for X, K, KA, and Laser. There’s no denying that it’s no “range king” but for most, you’ll find it has pretty good overall performance. Let’s also not forget that this detector has 360 degree detection, with clear arrows showing you exactly where the threat is coming from. This is the 3rd detector to ever have this (first V1 and second Max360 Standard).

One other thing it has going for it that is far better than many other detectors, is capability to lock-out false alerts. Being GPS enabled, it has a patented system called “Escort AutoLearn” which will know exactly which spots are constantly being false alerts and mute them.

While priced at the highest end of the scale, it’s worth a look if you want excellent false filtering and latest technology which you can take with you from car to car.


  •  Very Good False Alert Filtering
  • Impressive GPS Based False Lockout System
  • Good Overall Range for X, K and KA Bands
  • Plenty of Features for Customization
  • Can Connect via WiFi to Your Phone or Car
  • 360 Directional Arrows for Clear Threat Visibility


  • Fairly Expensive Compared To Competitors

#3 Redenso PRO-M - Smallest Radar Detector On The Market

Being a nobody to a somebody is quite tough in this industry, people actually need to have the faith to believe your hype, try it, then ultimately advocate whether it’s true or not. With Redenso, they had their trial and errors… but their PRO M is a clear winner and big hit.

Being one of the smallest windshield mounted radar detectors on the market today, it boasts impressive range against X, K and KA band radar. Unlike many radar detectors so far, the PRO M has an additional function which lets you detect low power K band radar (or in short its MultaRadar). While this is being used primarily in Canada, it IS making its way into the United States because of its effectiveness against most radar detectors on the market today.

When you take it on the highway, range is quite good with 1-2 miles being the average (with a mix of hills, corners, and other obstructions). In the city, theres good filtering with GPS based AutoCity mode. Switching this mode on enables you to have no alerts if you are driving below a certain speed.

Where this radar detector is lacking is the material department, it feels a bit cheap… more of a 150-300 dollars worth.

I’d say DO get it if you are living somewhere where radar detectors are illegal or in an area where there’s a high theft rate. The small size alone can make it blend in with your cars background, making harder to see even when you get just a few meters from the windshield.


  • Fantastic Range Against X, K and KA Band. Definitely one of the best.
  • Its Very Small and Discreet. 
  • There’s Very Good False Alert Filtering Options.
  • WILL Detect MultaRadar (low power K band). 
  • Reasonable Price.


  • Build Material Feels Cheap.

#4 Escort MAX360 - User Friendly Plug and Play Detector

Did you know Escort made the second ever radar detector to have directional arrows… all thanks to the expiration of Valentine One’s patented technology. But anyway, Escort added their own touch to it.

As you saw mentioned above with the Escort Max360c, this is the older brother, being about 3 years older (introduced in 2015). It was a groundbreaking radar detector because of the directional arrows which no one but V1 had at the time. Not only that, this radar detector features a beautifully crisp lcd screen which displayed multiple things from the speed you are traveling, radar frequencies, direction you are traveling, and more.

Now you probably already know this device has plenty of settings, what you may not know is that it’s a pretty good performer. When it comes to highway driving, the detection range is good with acceptable level of performance. City driving is even better, especially due to the fact that it has nice filtering options to get rid some of those annoying blind spot systems that more and more cars have nowadays. 

Being a radar detector with a built-in GPS chip, it means you can lockout false alerts that you normally would not be able to without this option. 

Lastly lets talk about the built-in bluetooth connectivity. With this, you can easily pair to any smartphone and use the Escort Live app (an app similar to Waze… but for finding cops). 


  • Good False K Band Filtering.
  • Solid Lockout of Falser Alerts from Stationary Places.
  • The Directional Arrows are the Highlight.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity with Escort Live.


  • Range Could Be Better.

#5 Valentine One - The Classic Safe-Bet Radar Detector

Ask any radar detector enthusiast what is the well known classic, they will almost always say “Valentine One”. That is 100% correct, a detector that has been here since the 90’s and largely unchanged, there’s good and bad to that. Let’s dive into this one!

As you read this quick radar detector review, i’ll reference to the Valentine One as the “V1”. 

The V1 has been the pioneer with its arrows, being one of the biggest reasons why most decide to buy one in the first place, the V1 is also very simplistic in its design. Just look at the alert screen… funny thing, there is no screen. Just led lights. Give that handbook a good read and it will thorough explain how you can get to each function with just the one knob on the radar detector. It may seem like it is lacking in features and tune-ability,… but you’d actually be wrong. 

Pair it up with a custom bluetooth device and you’ll be able to customize the settings further and get the most range out of it. Speaking of range, it is known to be one of the best when it comes to highway detection. 

City driving will result in good range too, but it may prove to be a bit too chatty with all the false alert K band going around nowadays. 

It’s not immune to RDD’s (radar detector detectors), so I suggest you skip on it if you live in Virginia, Washington DC or anywhere else these are outlawed. However, anywhere else… this one is a great choice with a fair sticker price. It is known to be one of the most reliable radar detectors on the market today (if not the MOST reliable). 


  • Industry Leading 360 Degree Directional Arrows.
  • Simple Design and User Interface.
  • Great Highway Range, Especially After Tuning Through App.
  • Reasonable Price.
  • Very Good Reliability In Terms of Hardware.


  • Can Be Intimidating To Use for Beginners.
  • Lack of Important Features.

#6 Escort Redline EX - Classic Redline Remastered

A legend amongst all radar detectors was the Escort Redline that was kicking butt from 2009 to 2017. During its years, it was known for being the KING of long range detection. Since then, Escort has evolved in its technology and as a result, the Redline was due for an update. The end result became the Redline EX, a modernized legend with features that most have been asking for since the Max series came out. 

Escort Redline EX is a solid performer in all radar frequencies, while it’s lacking a bit behind the original… it’s by no means a mid range radar detector. I’d consider this a high end radar detector, being in the top 10 of the most sensitive radar detectors on production today.

What you’ll notice right away is the beautiful LCD display with multiple settings that allow you to: have better K band BSM filtering, bluetooth connectivity to the Escort Live app on your phone, segment radar frequencies, and MUCH more. 

Unlike its predecessor, you get GPS enabled lockouts, support for international radar guns such as MRCD, MRCT, Gatso and Strelka. What more you get here is the super convenient magnetic mount, which Escort has trademarked as their own design. It’s actually very useful and I truly wish more and more detectors had the same. 

Overall, as with the previous detectors like R1, R3, MAX360 and MAX360c, you get all the critical customization options in the Escort Redline EX.


  • 100% Undetectable to Radar Detector Detectors.
  • Good Overall Performance.
  • Works Against International Radar Guns.
  • Has Very Good Filtering, Especially When Comparing it Against its Predecessor. 
  • GPS & Bluetooth Enabled To Work With Escort Live App.


  • Performance Isn’t Quite As Good As The Old Redline.

#7 Uniden DFR6 and DFR7 - Value Packed Duo

Before the R1 and R3 came into the spotlight, the Uniden LRD series were some of the best radar detectors for under 300 dollars. Fast forward to today, the LRD series was renamed to the DFR series with their DFR5, 6 and 7. Here we are going to talk about the DFR6 and DFR7 radar detectors because the only difference between them two is the GPS chip (just like in the R1 and R3). 

So what sets this radar detector apart, what makes it… different. For one, somehow Uniden managed to give it detection range against K and KA band that is that of more expensive radar detectors (closely matching the Max360 and sometimes even beating it). 

If you get the DFR7 you get the GPS chip which lets you manually lock out stationary false alerts. In addition to that, you can also get warnings about upcoming Red Light Cameras which are very common in many cities. 

More over, where this radar detector really shines in the overall price point. You can get the DFR6 for around 200 dollars and the DFR7 for around 50 dollars more. Quite impressive if you ask me, it’s in a league where most others just don’t compete in the price. It makes for a really good deal!

When it comes to the DFR7, you can mute any alerts if you go below a certain speed (to be preset by you). This is very useful when in the city, you wouldn’t want to go back once you start using this option.


  • Industry Leading 360 Degree Directional Arrows.
  • Simple Design and User Interface.
  • Great Highway Range, Especially After Tuning Through App.
  • Reasonable Price.
  • Very Good Reliability In Terms of Hardware.


  • Alert Tones May Not Suit Everyone.
  • Frequencies Don’t Show The 3rd Decimal (e.g. Ka 34.70 instead of Ka 34.700)

#8 Escort iX - Classic 9500ix Remastered

This one is actually very interesting, and the name may ring a bell or two. Do you remember the Escort 9500ix… one of the most popular radar detectors Escort has ever made (and my personal classic favorite), well this is the 9500ix, but IMPROVED. Right below, i’ll be diving deep into this radar detectors review.

In a nutshell, its a modernized 9500ix, but with quite a few more useful features which make it worth getting. 

While this radar detector is considered to be a mid-range unit, it really rocks when it comes to eliminating false alerts you’d get form stationary places (door openers) and decent filtering for when you encounter vehicles with blind spot monitoring systems. 

One of the best attributes to the Escort iX at the moment, is the dropping price. While the old 9500ix still goes for 250-300 dollars, you can grab this guy for less than 350 dollars in most cases which makes it one of the best radar detectors for the money. 

One reason we live this radar detector so much, is that it’s very user friendly. Plug and play, that’s what Escort is really good at doing. Reaching all essential settings is quite easy, with just a few button clicks away. One to keep in mind is crips LCD screen that displayed very crucial information for you such as: speed, direction, Laser, X, K and KA bands, Red Light Camera alerts, and a few other things. 

Priced where its at right now, i’d like to say that it makes for an excellent value. 


  • Great Price Point At The Moment (Low to Mid 300’s).
  • GPS Enabled Lockouts & Low Speed Muting.
  • Friendly Interface and Quick Detachable Mount (magnetic).


  • Range Could Be Improved (just slightly).

#9 Redenso XP - Solid Mid Range Detector

Redenso has done a great job splitting up their radar detectors by budget, and with budget you get varying performance. When it comes to their XP model, this is classified as a mid-range radar detector that is supposed to get above average results (when comparing to its competitors). In this review, let’s find out the key points of what makes the Redenso XP so good.

Let’s first start out by going over this radar detector as a whole, as you can’t go wrong with the rather simple design. Some would say it’s an ugly detector with almost too basic design, especially with all the new radar detectors that have LCD screens. However, it does the job… at least for the price.

Overall user interface isn’t difficult, but could take some getting used to. This radar detector IS equipped with GPS and it does take advantage of that by helping you mute false alerts. In addition to locking out stationary alerts, you can also mute any alerts if you drive below a certain speed (preset by you). 

Let’s dive into the range, this is where the radar detector does quite well. When it comes down to highway, you can expect the radar detector to give you an ample amount of heads-up before you actually see the threat. 

In combination with the low speed muting, city driving is a breeze.

Overall, its priced right on point for what you’re getting. Redenso does provide you a “USA 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty”, and a similar guarantee as Escort if you ever get a ticket while using this radar detector. 

Oh and one last thing, this radar detector is UNDETECTABLE to RDD’s (radar detector detectors). Great news for you Virginia drivers.


  • Exceptional Range in Highway and City Driving. 
  • Undetectable to RDD’s. 
  • Simple Layout.
  • GPS Enabled Lockouts.


  •  No “Over-Speed” GPS Alerts.

#10 Redenso SP - Best Value Radar Detector

Finally we have reached the #10 best radar detector to buy, the Redenso SP. It may sound and look identical to the XP mentioned above, and that would be because it is essentially the same radar detector as the XP but minus the GPS capability. Also, the price difference is anywhere between 100 and 150 dollars between the two, so you have to think before you buy if GPS is really required.

From the tests done, it is a solid mid-range radar detector with great overall performance against 33.8 ka band and 34.7 ka band. When it comes to 35.5 it does just okay, acceptable at best. But nonetheless, you can expect overall good performance from this unit.

There is basic K band filtering built-in, which does help. The very simple OLED display is easy to read and navigating through the menu is fairly easy too. Just remember that the power and menu button is the same, so holding one for longer periods of time than the other will likely turn the detector off (this takes some getting used to). 

Overall, for around 200 dollars you can’t go wrong with this radar detector. It comes with the necessary equipment to mount it to your windshield, and there’s even a warranty available from Redenso. 

One interesting fact about the radar detector is its 100% undetectable to radar detector detectors from 14 or more feet away. 

Conclusion of What
You Just Read

You have made it to the end of this buyer’s guide. What we just covered above are the 10 most recommended radar detectors on the market today. Did you like any of them?

By now you probably have already decided to get the Uniden R1 or R3 because it really is a clear winner when it comes to essentially everything. Now you may not have the $300-$400 dollars to spend on a radar detector, and I don’t blame you. 

Above are at least 50% $400+ per unit, so the bottom half have really highlighted which bang for the buck detectors are truly worth getting. The clear winner for value would go to the Redenso SP. While it may not have a GPS chip, it DOES have good performance in a small size.

In closing, don’t get cheap with this. Save a bit more money and get the best of the best. Each of the radar detector reviews above highlight the strongpoints that I think you’d find super helpful when you drive. By far the most important aspect of it all is the sensitivity to all radar frequencies. Pick one where that’s a strong point, and you’ll have greater peace of mind!

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