Best Radar Detectors of 2020 – Top 10 Reviews

best radar detectors on the market
Let’s be honest, MANY radar detectors are claiming to be the “best radar detector”. Most people who don’t research this topic much, end up buying poor quality Cobra or a Whistler radar detectors.
Here comes the tricky part: categorizing them as “best”. There are a few different categories in which we can classify as a radar detector to be the “best”.
First would be:
  • Best for the money (as in great value).
  • Best on the market (top of the line, class leading performance)
  • Best under “X” amount (catered towards certain price ranges)
We’ve compiled a list of 10 radar detector reviews, starting with the MOST recommended.

#1. Uniden R3 - The Best Radar Detector in 2019

After thorough research on the Uniden R3, I would classify it as the “Bugatti Veyron” of its kind. Not the most expensive, but definitely the BEST radar detector for the money.
When you look at its performance, it is OUTSTANDING against K and KA band. After some fine tuning in the settings area, the R3 is setting the benchmark for all other detectors.
Escort started to include customizable features to their detectors a few years back. For a little while, they were the only ones which seemed to get rid of the “single color” LCD display.
While their performance was short of being GREAT, people still liked them.
Fastforward a few years, Uniden came and completely destroyed the competition. Performance reached new levels, customization got much better, and the PRICE became very fair.
If you want great performance against ALL radar bands and undetectability against RDD’s, look no further than the Uniden R3.
Oh and by the way, the price range is REALLY GOOD. This radar detector makes it to our #1 spot and will likely stay there for quite some time!


  • Longest Detection Range Currently Available
  • 100% Undetectable to VG-1 and Spectre Elite RDD’s
  • Plenty of Customizable Settings
  • Features GPS (in R3 version) for False Alert Lockouts
  • In-depth Filtering Options to Reduce False Alerts from X, K and KA Band Sources


  • No Automatic False Alert Lockouts

#2. Escort MAX360c - Most User Friendly Detector

Escort has been stepping up their game for a few years now. Their radar detectors actually look MODERN. As I mentioned earlier, Escort was first to introduce a more appealing and user friendly interface.
Before this detector, there was the MAX 360, which looked thicker and didn’t have as many features. The “refresh” MAX 360c allows you to connect to a 2.4GHz WiFi source, unlike the old model which only used bluetooth.
The advantage is that you won’t need the Escort Live App to get live alerts and send notifications to the cloud.
Aside from that, this radar detector has an improved version of 360 degree detection (like the original Valentine One). Front facing arrows will light-up according to where the threat is.
When it comes to performance, it’s in the “top 10” list. While not class leading, its still good enough for most people.
It’s worth mentioning that its not cheap, in fact its the most expensive on this list. But, if you want something that is “plug and play”, the Escort MAX 360c may be your best choice.


  • Very Good False Alert Filtering
  • Impressive False Alert Lockout System
  • Good Overall Range for X, K and KA Bands
  • Plenty of Internal Features
  • Connects to any 2.4GHz WiFi source
  • 360 Degree Coverage


  • Expensive

#3. Redenso PRO-M - Most Compact Detector

Redenso is the brand that went from nobody, to somebody. Founded in 2012, it’s a company that was eager to join the “top performers” club. After more than half a decade, they released the PRO-M which made that dream a reality.
While this is one of the smallest radar detectors on the market, don’t let its size fool you. Underneath the plastic, there’s some serious tech.
The biggest benefit you’ll receive with the PRO-M is the good false alert filtering. This radar detector is one of the best when it comes to filtering false K band sources.
Next we are moving towards performance, an area where you won’t be disappointed. While not quite as good as the R1 and R3, it’s quite close when it comes to K and KA bands. As an added bonus, this radar detector is also part of the “undetectable” club. You’ll have good stealth coverage against VG-2 and Spectre Elite RDD’s.
It earns a solid place in this list, especially for the price for which you can buy today.


  • Fantastic Range Against X, K and KA Bands
  • Very Small in Size
  • Great False Alert Filtering
  • MRCD Detection
  • Good Value Price Point
  • Undetectable to VG-2 & Spectre Elite


  • Build Material Feels Cheap.

#4. Escort MAX360 - Featured Packed & Good Value Detector

The Valentine One was the ONLY radar detector with directional arrows for more than 20 years. Once the patent expired, Escort jumped on the bandwagon and introduced the MAX 360.
This radar detector is built on the original Escort MAX platform. While the size between the two is almost identical, similarities end from there.
The MAX 360 is a “plug and play” radar detector. It’s easy to use, straight out of the box. The interface is simple to navigate and there are dozens of settings which let you to customize it.
The most obvious benefit you’ll get from the MAX 360 are the directional arrows. These arrows will tell you exactly where the threat is coming from (front, back or left/right).
Speaking of threats, detection of X, K and KA bands is quite good. While it won’t stack up against the R3, the performance is definitely in the top 10.
If you have the Escort Live app installed on your phone, you’ll be able to connect this detector to it via Bluetooth. You can customize everything about your radar detector with the app itself. Any time you get an alert, it can go straight to the application so others can be aware.
Last to mention would be false alert filtering. This is where the MAX 360 shines brighter than many others. The TSR & BSM software does a good job at getting rid of both stationary and moving false alerts.
Ever since the MAX 360c became available, the standard MAX 360 dropped in price. With all its features and performance, it’s a good buy!


  • Good False Alert Filtering
  • 360 Degree Arrows
  • Bluetooth Connectivity to Escort Live
  • Easy to Use


  • Detection Range Doesn’t Match Price

#5. Valentine One - Classic & Reliable Radar Detector

It’s probably safe to say that most people know of the Valentine One. To many, its the Swiss Army Knife of radar detectors. Much like the old Soviet era automobiles, it was “perfect from the start” as some would say.
The Valentine One has the biggest following of all radar detectors. They pioneered the 360 degree directional arrows and are likely still, one of the best on the market. What you see here is the radar detector that has been the same for more than 20 years. Aside from frequent software updates, what you see here is the same detector you could buy in 2009 and 1999.
Compare it to any other radar detector, and you’ll immediately see the difference. One button knob for volume and power, and simple red LED lights to indicate signal strength, L, X, K and KA bands. Unlike all others with their colorful LCD displays, Valentine keeps it simple.
*You can customize much more if you use the V1Driver app (and also the bluetooth dongle).
One of the most surprising things about the Valentine One, is that it manages to still perform good. Despite the newest radar detectors, it manages to stay in the top 10 for performance. No other company can say that.
So in a nutshell, if you want a simple and reliable radar detector, the Valentine One is it!


  • 360 Degree Arrows
  • Simplicity
  • Great Detection (especially when tuned using V1Driver app)
  • Reasonable Price
  • Durable


  • Can be confusing to configure at first

#6. Escort Redline EX - The RedLine Remastered

Before the Uniden R1 and R3, the king of long range detection was the Escort RedLine. It was the radar detector that no one could compete with (unless you got a the Stinger VIP). After over half a decade of being on sale, Escort finally decided to do a complete redesign of the RedLine. It’s called Escort RedLine EX.
The original RedLine was lacking good false alert filtering. This was by far the most frustrating aspect of anyone running the Escort RedLine on a daily basis.
Escort completely redesigned the detector and added a whole bunch of features. Some of which is better false alert filtering, MRCD detection and bluetooth connectivity.
Escort RedLine was known for was being undetectable to RDD’s. Those who lived in areas where radar detectors are illegal, found it very helpful. Fortunately, the new redesigned RedLine EX still manages to stay stealthy.
Looking at some negative aspects, this detector is bulky and expensive. The detection range is good, but not great. Definitely not on par with the old Escort RedLine as most would think.
If the price dropped a bit more (to below 500 dollars), it would be a great buy.


  • 100% Undetectable
  • Good Performance
  • MRCD Capable
  • Good Filtering
  • GPS & Bluetooth Enabled


  • Price Too High

#7 Uniden DFR6 and DFR7 - Value Packed Duo

Back in 2014 and 2015, Uniden introduced the LRD series. Much like how the newest R1 and R3 shocked the industry, the LRD series was a worthy contestant. A few years later, there was a slight cosmetic refresh and a name change from LRD to DFR. This became the staple for budget friendly radar detectors from Uniden.
The DFR 6 and DFR7 are one and the same (like the R1 and R3). The only difference between the two is the GPS chip (DFR6 – no & DFR7 – yes).
This is the best radar detector under 200 dollars. In fact its so good, it can compete with many of Escorts radar detectors which cost 300 dollars or more.
If you want an affordable radar detector with good range, consider getting either the DFR6 or DFR7. There’s only a 50-60 dollar difference on average between the two.


  • Affordable Price
  • GPS Enabled in DFR7 Model
  • Good Range for the Money
  • Customizable


  • KA band alert tone might be annoying to some

#8 Escort iX - The 9500ix "Remastered"

While everyone knew what the Valentine One was, a majority of those ALSO knew what the 9500ix was. The 9500ix was a popular radar detector from Escort. It was known for its good performance (at the time) and industry leading GPS false alert lockouts.
It was on sale for years, with THOUSANDs of reviews on many online retail sources (like Amazon). Once Escort started to refresh its radar detectors, the 9500ix had to go bye bye. As the RedLine turned into the RedLine EX, the 9500ix turned into the Escort iX.
Looking at Escort, the iX would be considered as their mid-range radar detector. While it doesn’t have the best filtering, it does have decent performance (on par with its price).
Some of the most important features it has are: bluetooth connectivity, GPS, auto-learn lockouts, and a colorful LCD display.
When you couple all those things together, you get a good package. It’s worth look into, if you’re looking at something between 250-350 dollars.


  • Good Price Point
  • GPS Enabled Lockouts & Low Speed Muting.
  • Friendly Interface
  • Bluetooth Connection Enabled


  • Range Performance Could Be Better

#9 Redenso XP - Solid Mid-Range Radar Detector

Redenso has done a great job releasing a radar detector for every budget. The XP model is their mid-range radar detector, giving you above average range.
The Redenso XP has the most important bells and whistles you could ask for. Things such as: GPS based lockouts, BSM filtering, TSR filtering, and VG-2/Spectre undetectability.
Looking at Uniden and Escort radar detectors, you’ll notice the XP’s simple design. There’s no colorful LCD display, fancy suction cups and no sleek looks.
To some, that might be a turn off.
Despite those things, Redenso made the XP an above average performer. To get the best sensitivity, you can segment KA band. For areas where there’s low power K band in use (MRCD), the XP can alert you ahead of time.
In a nutshell, this is one of the best radar detectors you can buy for the money. To learn more, click the button below to see the current price and all features.


  • Exceptional Range in Highway and City Driving.
  • Undetectable to RDD’s.
  • Simple Layout.
  • GPS Enabled Lockouts.


  •  No “Over-Speed” GPS Alerts.

#10 Redenso SP - BEST Value Radar Detector

Finally we have reached the #10 best radar detector on this list, the Redenso SP. It may sound and look identical to the XP mentioned above, and thats because it is. Where the difference lies is with the GPS chip. That single feature makes the price difference between the XP and SP quite large. 
The SP is a well built detector with great performance against 33.8 and 34.7 ka band. When it comes to 35.5, it’s okay, or acceptable at best. As a whole, its still better than 90% of detectors at its price point.
Because the SP does not have GPS enabled, you won’t get false alert lockouts. But you will get basic BSM and TSR filters in place to make the detector less chatty.
If you live where detectors are illegal, the SP is undetectable within 10-14 feet. No other budget friendly detector can do that.
To learn more about the Redenso SP, click the button below to see all its features and more user reviews.


  • Good Range
  • Stealthy Against VG-2 and Spectre RDD’s
  • Affordable
  • Simple Design


  • No GPS chip

What About Laws?

To get a better understanding of what your state, province or countries says, we wrote a guide here about different radar detector laws. Each country, state, province or municipality have their own set of laws. Look into the details to learn more.

Bottom Line

Thanks for making it this far. What you read above were the top 10 best radar detectors to buy. We tried to include radar detectors for all types of budgets, but there were certain ones we had to leave out.
No Cobras, no Whistlers and no knock-off detectors from Asia. Only companies people have been trusting for years.
I hope this list gave you a much better understanding of which detector you should buy. If you’re still not sure, try re-reading the radar detector reviews above to get some clarity.
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