10 Best LED Headlight Bulbs for 2019​

Nothing is worse than driving at night and having to suffer from poor visibility all because of your old halogen light bulbs. Trust me, I’ve been there.

You could go to your local automotive store and buy “premium” halogen bulbs but… don’t waste your time, as they are hardly any better than your factory bulbs. There has to be a solution…

As you probably already know, OEM light bulbs last just a few years at most, and once they burn out… you gotta replace over and over again. If you do any kind of evening or night time driving, your solution is LED light bulbs. This is what you’ll be reading will be all about below.

I put together a complete list of the best led headlights for pretty much any car imaginable (as long as you pick the right size). You see, the beauty with LED car bulbs is that they are MUCH brighter, produce hardly any heat, and last for years after you install them. 

The Best LED Headlights from
#1 to #10

In addition to all that, the beautiful blueish-white light further extends you line of sight and doesn’t reduces the chances of blinding the other drivers even if you have your high-beams on. 

Let’s dive into the complete list of the 10 led headlight conversion kits WORTH getting!

#1 Cougar Motor LED Headlight Kit

This is our number one most recommended LED headlight conversion kit. Cougar Motor has been around for quite some time and to be quite frank… with almost 4,000 reviews, it has been a very popular kit to buy. When I first saw it, I had to dig deep into what made it so great and popular. In this review, i’ll be dissecting what makes it great.

This kit comes in the following sizes: H1, H3, H4, H7, H11 (H8&H9), H13, 880, 9005, 9006, and 9007. When you plug everything up, you can expect to get approximately 60W of power output. It has a beautiful white light putting out 6000K (6000 Kelvin) with a maximum of 7200 lumens per bulb. Just to give you some perspective, its almost 200% brighter than most standard halogens!

Where this kit wins is in easy of installation, its plug and play. In about 20 minutes you can be done and on your way. Just as I mentioned earlier with the longevity of LED kits in general, you can expect to get 50,000 hours of running time (or more). Just remember to find the right size of your cars bulbs!



  • Great Ultra White Brightness
  • Durable Build from Aluminum
  • Dual Fans Keep Temperatures Down
  • Long Life Expectancy 
  • Easy To Start Using


  • Voltage 8V-48V
  • Lumens 7200/set or 3600 per bulb
  • Power is 60w/set or 30w per bulb
  • Color Temperature is 6000K Cool White
  • Shell Material is Aluminum

#2 OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Headlight Kit

If there’s a brand that has been around for years, it has to be OPT7. They have been in the business of making light bulbs for cars for quite some time, I clearly remember when I started to look into this for my (then) Volkswagen Jetta in 2012. They had a very similar kit which cost around $100, and I thought it was so crazy back then. 

After doing some further research, I see they are at it still and doing just great (especially since they have almost 6,000 user reviews on a single kit). Lets dive into what makes OPT7 Fluxbeam LED car bulbs so great. 

When you take a first glance at them, you can admire the cool colors and design. With a built-in heatsink, you can expect to get more than 50,000 hours of running time from a set. Each bulb puts out 3,500 lumens in a clear 6000K bright white light. 

These are created to be used in both LOW and HIGH beam applications, as long as pick the appropriate size for your vehicle. Speaking of size, here’s what they offer: H1, H3, H4 (9003), H7, H10, H11 (H8, H9, H16), H13 (9008), 880 (893, 899), 881 (886, 894, 896), 5202, 9004, 9005, 9006 and 9007. Now THAT is a lot compatibility.

Unlike with standard halogen and xenon bulbs, these light-up instantly and produce little to no heat inside the headlight housing. This can extend the life of your headlight housing significantly, in some cases!

In a nutshell, get this kit and you shouldn’t be disappointed (especially if you have halogens right now).


  • Has Many Different Sizes.
  • Great Brightness.
  • Durable Aluminum Casing.
  • Dual Fans To Keep Bulbs Cool.
  • Long Expected Kit Life.


  • Power is 30w per bulb or 60w for set
  • Light output is 3500 lumens per bulb or 7000 for set
  • 50,000+ Hour Life Expectancy 
  • Color Temperature of 6000K Cool White
  •  Voltage 8V-48V

#3 SNGL Super Bright LED Headlight Kit

Without a doubt in my mind, SNGL has to be a truly legendary brand when it comes to led conversion kits. It was not long ago when I stumbled upon this brand, during a closer inspection I recognized that these are some of the brightest led bulbs I could find anywhere.

As with most led bulbs you can get 3,500 lumens per bulb which is pretty good. But with these, it’s a bit more. Almost 2x more at 6,200 lumens per bulb. Each headlight bulb operates on 55watts and of course unlike most others… generates more heat due to the higher power. Still, all the benefits I mentioned above are present with SNGL.

LED lights are not know for their far reach in distance, but this kit is a different story. Because of the increased power, you can get much further than your typical halogens (and most other led kits). The beautiful white hue (with absolutely no blue tint) shines bright and even on both bulbs. 

While at times some adjustments will be required to have even beams pointing forward… expect to be blown away by their performance. For me, its safe to say this is the best led headlight bulbs you can get for any money.


  • A Wide Variety of Compatible SIze’s
  • Its Very Small and Discreet. 
  • Long Lifespan
  • Light Output Noticeably Higher Than Most Other Bulbs
  • Forward Light Reach Is Noticeably Better Than Most Other Bulbs


  • 110W Power Output from Both Bulbs.
  •  12400 Lumens Total Brightness Output
  •  Operates on 13.2 volts Per Bulb
  •  50,000+ Hour Life Span

#4 JDM ASTAR LED Headlight Kit

Here we are at another very bright led headlight conversion kit. As we have stated with the previous kit (SNGL), there’s few that are capable of producing ULTRA bright white light and really standing out. SNGL was one of those, and JDM ASTAR is another. Being a reasonably priced kit, I thought it was worth a look. 

I’m not sure if you know, but some kits have external modules which help with flickering, This kit is special because each bulb is an all-in-one setup, meaning the modules are built-in. 

Each bulb when placed inside a headlight housing, is able to produce a concentrated/focused light which is able to give the forward facing view a more precise area. In addition to being focused, you can expect them to reach further than typical halogens.

Brightness in terms of exact numbers, is rated at 10000 lumens for both bulbs (that’s 5000 lumens per bulb). Each one works on 40W of power, and there’s a built-in fan to control heat built-up when it occurs.

Headlights will never be overheating from the inside, thanks to the nature of LED lights. 

The big noticeable difference for this kit, is the lifespan predicted by JDM ASTAR. Typically you are expecting 50,000+ hours but… here they are predicting of up to 20,000 hours of running time (in 25 degree celsius temperatures or less).


  • Light Output of 10000 Lumens Combined
  • Up To 20000 Running Hours 
  • This Kit is Waterproof (rated IP65)


  • 6500K Bright White Light
  • Running Voltage of 9V to 32V
  • Wattage Per Bulb is 40W

#5 HIKARI LED Headlight Kit

Most would say if something comes from Japan, it’s a good thing. Well in this case, the Hikari LED Headlight bulbs are no exception. Truth of the matter, you just gotta love these because of their specs. 

At first I didn’t have good expectations, as I thought it was some other cheaply made kit by some asian brand. But I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong, and here I was very wrong. It’s an identical kit to the JDM ASTAR but with a few key differences.

First and foremost, this is a true 6000K (typical color) bright white kit projecting a solid white light. 

When you open the box, you’ll see two bulbs with separate ballast which control flickering problems that may occur with some vehicles. While this may be an extra part dangling around, they seem to be made durably and for most it should give not issue.

Light output is very impressive, especially when your projector housing can concentrate the light proportionately. 

Speaking of projector housing, this kit is for you IF your vehicle takes: H1, H4 (9003), HB4 (9006), H7, H11(H8, H9), H13, 194/168/T10, 9004, and 9007). 


  • 12000LM of Light Output
  • 100 Watts Running Power (or 50 Watts Per Bulb)
  • 6000K Ultra White Color
  • Company Provides Factory 2-Year Warranty

#6 BEAMTECH LED Headlight Kit

At first glance, this kit looks “cute”… like very small micro led bulbs. But they are not, instead they are good and affordable options for those who don’t want to spend more than 50 dollars on a set. BEAMTECH from research, is known for making led headlights kits of all types. They specialize in making different sizes and styles for different types of vehicles. Aside from the wide popularity of these bulbs (2.5K+ reviews), let look at them from the “on-paper stats” perspective to see what they are all about.

First off there’s multiple sizes they come in, so you are in luck there (counted 9 different sizes). Each bulb while small, is capable of putting out 4000 lumens and use only 25 watts of power the whole time. When you look at the color temperature, its most the same as everyone else’s at 6500K. How long each bulb lasts is rated by BREAMTECH at around 30,000 hours (sometimes more), which is about the industry average.

As with all fan-less bulbs, you get IP65 waterproofing which works perfectly if you are the type of person to go “off-roading” and get half your vehicle under water (or during a flood). They are sure to last, that’s a sure bet. 

Light patter going forward is quite good overall, for around 40 dollars you aren’t buying the Ferrari of led bulbs, but they are just fine if you are moving from halogens. I recommend you take into consideration of what type of headlight housing you’ll be installing these bulbs into. Some report that reflector styled housings can focus the beam forward a bit more compared to projectors. 


  • Both Bulbs Can Output
  • 8000 lumens of Power
  • Expect 30,000 Hours of Running Time
  • Reasonable 25Watts of Power Per Bulb
  • Waterproof Design (IP65 Rated)
  • Fan-less Heatsinks

#7 Glowteck LED Headlight Kit

It seems the further down the list we go, the cooler looking the bulbs get. With the Glowteck LED Headlight bulbs, it’s no exception. This I would classify as a mid-tier kit at the price it currently sits at. 

You gotta be thankful for these things to be easy to install, assuming you picked the right size, Glowteck kit is a plug and play setup with little fuss. When you open the box, you’ll see the led bulbs are colored a greenish blue which is somewhat reflective. Whether it’s a good or bad thing I’m not sure, but one thing that is clear… the actual led light is very small. According to the company, its a CREE XHP50 led chip. While sounding complex, it really isn’t. The technical name is long, but the function is simple.

Each bulb includes a ducted sink and fan. With an additional ballast connector that helps to prevent flickering. 

These are quite bright, with 12000 lumens from both bulbs. This is considerably high by comparison to some others, you’ll notice an immediate difference when switching from your old OEM bulbs. 

As always you need to find the right size, luckily with these there are approximately 6-8 different sizes to choose from. For around 70 dollars, 1000+ satisfied reviews and good light output, you cant go wrong.


  • Impressive Light Output of 12000 lumens
  • Multiple Sizes To Choose From
  • Ease To Install, Usually In Less Than 20 Minutes
  • Proper Integrated Cooling with Heat Sink and Fans
  • 40,000 Hours of Running Time (estimated)
  • 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty

#8 VoRock8 LED Headlight Kit

Apart from the really odd sounding name, VoRock8’s LED kit is actually worth considering. In this led headlight review, we will dive into the specifications of this really odd sounding company and its product. 

Let’s begin with first, the most important aspects of it. Brightness, that’s something most want to know right away. Especially for only 30 dollars… it is probably the cheapest kit I could find with at least reasonable satisfaction from its buyers. 

Upon opening the box, you’ll see two bulbs with an integrated fan and control unit (all one piece). Unlike with some others where there’s a ballast separately connecting to the actual bulb, it’s not the case here. 

Brightness from each bulb is measured at 4000 lumens, with 6000K bright white being the color temperature. Depending on the size you pick, you can put these as your low beams, high beams and fog lights. 

While there tends to be issues when installing into Dodge, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, GMC, BMW and Mercedes vehicles, either a flicker decoder or resistors will help to eliminate flicker problems. 

In a nutshell, the bottom line for me with these VoRock8 led light bulbs is its a good budget friendly kit. For 30 dollars, it is bright enough for almost all people!


  • This Kit Produces 8000 Lumens of Light Output
  • This Kit is Budget Friendly, at Well Under 40 Dollars
  • Each Bulb Is 100% Waterproof
  • There’s Multiple Sizes to Choose From
  • A 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Is Provided

#9 LASFIT LED Headlight Kit

One thing you almost never see is a USA brand that is affordable. While most would love it to be like that, truth of the matter is… cost of production is much higher in the United States than in less developed countries. Well the LASFIT kit is based in the United States, and that’s saying something!

First there’s more than 15 different sizes to choose from, which means its very likely you’ll find your RIGHT bulb size. Further more, this kit all in all costs less than 35 dollars (brand new). This makes it the cheapest led kit made in the USA I could find. 

Diving into the specs, you can expect 7600 lumens from both bulbs with 60W of power being drawn in total. So far I’d say it’s pretty good specs, bright enough when comparing to halogen bulbs… but what about the color temperature?

As expected, 6000K is the color you’ll be getting, bright white with absolutely NO hints of blue.

 This entire kit is designed to lest up to 30,000 hours of running time. What helps it accomplish that is the aluminum shell and ducted cooling fan that dissipates heat. Yet again for another cheap kit, look into LASFIT. 

Don’t forget, they are an American brand!


  • USA Based Customer Support
  • Impressive 7600 Lumens Light Output
  • 6000K Bright White Light Temperature
  • Plug and Play with Integrated Heat Sink and Fan (no external ballast)
  • Money Back Guarantee That Is Good for 45 Days

#10 Win Power LED Headlight Kit

Closing off our entire top 10 best led light bulbs comparison is, the Win Power LED Headlight Bulbs. This is the 3rd highly affordable set of bulbs which I recommend, let’s find out more.

Upon first glance, it looks pretty standard with the aluminum upper body, aluminum heat sinks, fan and the two diode led lights on each bulb. Each of the led lights provides 3600 lumens of total light output, making a total of 7200 from the complete pair.

This kit DOES come with a CANBUS/EMC/Smart module which helps to control the speed of the fan, protect the cooling performance, and control flicker. Because of the slightly lower light output and a great job on the cooling system, you can expect to get 50,000 hours of life before they give out.

One thing that also makes handy is the I67 waterproof rating, essentially meaning you can dip each bulb into water and it will still run. quite nice actually. 

For less than 30 dollars, you can’t go wrong… seriously. There’s more than 10 different sizes and a 2 year warranty to provide replacements if something were to go wrong. I give Win Power a recommendation. Have a look yourself before you make a decision.


  • Each Bulb Runs on 35 Watts of Power
  • Both Bulbs Combined Produce 7200 Lumens of Light
  • 50,000 Hour Life Expectancy
  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • Good Cooling System In Place
  • CANBUS/EMC/Smart Module Included

Conclusion of What You Just Read

Finally, you have made it to the end of this buyer’s guide. What did you think about the 10 best led headlight bulbs mentioned above. Did you find any of them to your liking?

If you have not yet connected the dots, let me break it down based on the most recommended in terms of value and overall the most premium pick. Cougar Motor LED Headlight conversion kit is by far the one I recommend you get, it encompasses every good trait of a kit and solid reviews to prove it. While if you want  the most premium choice, no doubt it would go to the SNGL kit. 

All the 10 led headlight bulb reviews are analyzed thoroughly, seen for specifications, checked for price, and ultimately in some cases even trying them ourselves to see what the overall verdict is. In this guide we put together as much of those things as possible, ultimately giving you a pretty good understanding of why we picked some of the kits and why you should too. 

Go ahead, pick a kit and get rid of those old halogens!

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