Best LED Headlights: Top 10 Kits of 2020

led headlight bulb reviews
Nothing is worse than driving at night, its pitch black, and your standard halogen bulbs won’t cut it. Trust me, I’ve been there.
If you thought going to your local superstore and buying their “premium” headlight bulbs will be a wise choice… think again. No matter HOW expensive halogen bulbs get, they don’t stack up to the big boys.
The big boys are LED and xenon bulbs. In this guide, I’ll be covering a list of the best LED headlights you can buy.
Below I’ve put together a list of top 10 conversion kits to use in your car. The durability and brightness alone makes even the cheapest set a worthy buy. Luckily for you, cheap won’t be on the menu.

LED Headlights Bulbs Reviews - Top 10 Picks

#1. Cougar Motors - The Best LED Headlights of 2019

The Cougar Motors LED headlight bulbs are the #1 pick in this list. By far of the best led headlight kits you can buy, with a mix of ease of use (plug and play), performance, and value.
It says quite a lot when there’s almost 4,000 reviews online praising it. Many say there’s a clear difference between this aftermarket kit and their old bulbs.
This is an accurate statement, considering these bulbs use 60W of power. This amount of power allows them to output 7,200 lumens per bulb (thats 14,400 lumens in total).
Unlike with its main rival (you know who it is), LED bulbs can last upwards of 50,000 hours. Its the most logical upgrade for your cars lighting system!
*This kit comes in the following sizes: H4, H7, H11 (H8&H9), H13, 880, 9006, and 9007.


  • 7,200 Lumens of Light Output
  • 6,000K Bright White Color
  • 50,000 Hour Lifespan
  • Good Value and Performance
  • Warranty and Support Available

#2. OPT7 FluxBeam

Number two on the list is OPT7 FluxBeam LED Kit. These bulbs have been around for longer than almost any other brand online (10 years). How does over 6,000 reviews online sound?
Yep, even from all those, the average person is quite happy.
While this kits price is on the more expensive side, its easy to justify. Aside from their long track record, these bulbs are ultra bright. The color output can ranges from 5,000K to 6,000K. The lumens output is around 3,500 per bulb (making 7,000 in total).
Much like the kit above, these bulbs are plug and play with no adjustments required.
Replacing your old kit with a new one is easy. Before you do, ensure you match the size of the OPT7 kit with your headlight housing.


  • Main Sizes Available
  • 5,000K-6,000K Color Options
  • 7,000K Lumens Output Combined
  • Fair Price Point
  • Plug and Play

#3. SNGL Super Bright

The SNGL Super Bright LED kit is the most expensive conversion set on this list. Not only does it fit many different headlight housings, it can also perform quite well.
Each headlight uses 55 watts of power, making a total of 110 watts. This kit has great coverage at night, producing 12,400 lumens of light output. Unlike with regular halogen bulbs, these produce a pure white light measured at 6,000K.
Odds are you already know that LED’s last much longer than traditional halogen and hid bulbs. With SNGL, you shouldn’t expect anything less than 50,000 hours.
When I analyzed this kit in particular, their brightness stood out to me. While they aren’t know to have the longest range, the coverage from side to side is rather impressive. This kit will fit both projector and reflector style housings (make sure you pick the right size).
If you can spend a premium price, these are one of the best led headlights on the market!


  • 12,400 Lumens of Light Output
  • 6,000K bright white color
  • Wide light coverage
  • Long Lifespan
  • Have Adjustable Beams

#4. JDM astar LED

The JDM astar is another very bright LED headlight conversion kit. As you read with #3 in the list, the JDM astar is another very bright kit, capable of impressive light output. With more than a dozen different compatible sizes, you can use these in both projector and reflector housings.
Each bulb is capable of producing 5,000 lumens of light output. Also, each produces a 6,000K ultra bright light.
If you’ve ever toughed a headlight housing after a few hours of driving, you can feel the heat. Halogen bulbs heat up to over 100 degrees, causing oxidation in the headlight over time. But with LED bulbs (especially these), you’ll hardly ever think they were ever on.
I’ve been saying LED’s can often last more than 50,000 hours of running time. With the JDM astar, they have rated their life at 20,000 hours. This is the only questionable aspect of this kit, but even then its more than 2 years of running time.
This kit as a whole costs less than some others, making it a justifiable buy on that point alone. So if you need a good kit that won’t break the bank, consider this set!


  • Light Output of 10000 Lumens Combined
  • Up To 20000 of Running Hours 
  • This Kit is Waterproof (rated IP65)
  • Relatively Low Power Consumption (30 watts each)
  • Reasonable Price Point

#5. Hikari LED

The Hikari Ultra Bright LED Kit is a set of bulbs which can output an impressive level of light. They are suitable for anyone who wants to upgrade from their old halogen bulbs to something much better.
Their small size can often be overlooked by seeing their performance. They can achieve an impressive 12,000 lumens of output as a pair, being on-par with the SNGL kit mentioned above.
According to Hikari, this kit has an ultra-thin heat sink. This is done to solve the problem of astigmatism and glare against on-coming traffic.
Aside from those highlights, there’s not much more to say.
They’re priced at a “mid point” when you compare it to all the other ones on this list. I’ve come to a conclusion that with almost 2,000 user reviews, this kit is the real deal. A worthy set to look at.


  • 12,000 Lumens of Light Output
  • Reasonable Price
  • Many Sizes to Choose From
  • Unique Heatsink Design to Solve Glare Against Traffic
  • Have Over a Dozen Different Sizes


The BEAMTECH LED Kit is the one of the easiest plug and plate designed lights on this list. These lights features an impressive 30,000+ hours of running time, all thanks to their unique design.
You see, unlike the ones talked about so far which use fans to cool the bulbs down… these are 100% fan-less. That’s right, they are even WATERPROOF.
Let’s take the SNGL ones which use 55 watts of electricity, EACH. Now lets look at the BEAMTECH’s and see how much they consume… 25 watts.
A drastic difference is quite obvious.
Filament styled bulbs produce heat at the bulb capsule. These on the other hand produce heat right below the bulb itself (where a fan would be).
The magic with these is the heatsink which disperses heat in all directions. As the bulbs stay lit, the heat radiates OUT and keeps the bulbs at a normal operating temperature.
Despite all that, they still produce a combined output of 8,000 lumens at 6,500K. The icing on the cake is that you pay far less for these than you would for most others on this list.
For the price and performance, I HIGHLY recommend you check this kit out.


  • 100% IP65 Waterproof
  • Light Output of 8000 Lumens Per Pair
  • 30,000+ Projected Life Span
  • Great Price
  • Fan-less and Lower Power Consumption

#7 Glowteck LED

What a beautiful set of LED bulbs, am I right? That bright blue adds a premium look and feel to the entire kit. But we are here to see if it cuts the mustard, let’s dive into the Glowteck LED conversion kit.
This kit is very easy to install, being compatible with over a dozen different sizes. You can use these in both reflector and projector styled housings.
Each is able to produce 6,000 lumens of light (a total of 12,000). While the majority have a pure white 6,000K light, these are slightly more towards the blue spectrum.
Despite that, few can notice the subtle difference.
With all that power, each bulb has the “AirFLUX” dual cooling fans which disperse heat under heavy load. As a complete kit, you should get at least 40,000 hours running time.
In conclusion, this is a kit i’d consider looking at if you want a mixture of value and performance.


  • Impressive Light Output of 12000 lumens
  • Multiple Sizes To Choose From
  • Ease To Install
  • Proper Cooling with Heat Sink and Fans
  • 40,000 Hours of Running Time (estimated)
  • 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty

#8 VoRock8 LED

As we move towards the end of this list, lets mention the more affordable kits. What better way to mark the #8 spot, than with the VoRock8 led headlight conversion kit.
Lets talk about the price, as its going to dictate what you think of this set.
For a price range anywhere between 20 and 40 dollars, you get to choose from over 2 dozen different sizes. This kit is also quite small, making them low power consumers. At 4,000 lumens per bulb, they have one of the highest light outputs per bulb for their size.
While these won’t be the brightest, they CAN be a great substitute for fog lights (depending on your vehicle).
Despite having a fan, VoRock8 has rated this bulbs for being IP65 waterproof. We’re not sure how that is possible, but it seems like they managed to pull it off.
For a budget friendly kit, VoRock8 is something worth looking at.


  • USA Based Customer Support
  • Impressive 8000 Lumens Light Output
  • 6500K Bright White Light
  • Plug and Play with Integrated Heat Sink and Fan (no external ballast)
  • Money Back Guarantee That Is Good for 45 Days

#9 Auxbeam LED

We’ve known Auxbeam for quite some time. In 2015, we reviewed this kit and it has always been in the top 10. It’s nice to see a brand stick around as time goes by.
Auxbeam as a company that knows how to get your attention. They use impressive graphics and color their bulbs in gold. That kind of marketing is effective, especially when you see they have almost 2,000 reviews.
Each bulb can put out 3,000 lumens (6,000 combined). While this is on the lower end of the spectrum, its still good nonetheless.
One thing they managed to get good at is make their bulbs very durable. First, they are IP68 water proof and dust resistant. They can also operate in extreme temperatures of as low as -40 degree celsius and as high as 150 degree celsius. Life expectancy is at around 50,000 hours, but may likely be less if operating in extreme conditions.
At slightly over the budget friendly price point, it’s still a great buy!


  • IP68 Water and Dust Proof
  • 6,000 Lumens of Combined Light Output
  • Can Operate in Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Compatible With Many Different Headlight Housings
  • Very Affordable

#10 WinPower LED

Closing off these led headlight bulb reviews, we have the WinPower LED conversion kit. This budget friendly kit is something to look at because it performs quite well.
The price is one of the biggest reasons why its on this list, but complementing it are the specs. Putting out 7,200 lumens and consuming approximately 70 watts in total, its no slouch.
This WinPower kit is a great addition to your headlights in both low beam and high beam applications. You can pick from a wide range of sizes, from H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H11 and at least a dozen more sizes.
In closing, we recommend this LED headlight kit. The price is right and it’s a noticeable improvement over standard halogens.


  • Low Power Consumption (35 watts each)
  • Both Bulbs Produce 7200 Lumens 
  • 50,000 Hour Life Expectancy
  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • Good Cooling System In Place

Bottom Line & What To Do Now?

You’ve reached the end of this top 10 LED conversion kits list. As you saw above, we’ve outlined the best led headlight bulbs in order starting with the #1 most recommend. We then moved down towards #10 where we ended with the more affordable units.
When it comes to buying these bulbs for your car, it’s important to find these three key traits:
  • Value
  • Performance
  • Durability
It can be tough to find all three in one product, but in the top 5 there’s a few which meet those criteria.
What you need to do next is figure out what size of bulbs your vehicle takes. From there, pick the kit that you like on this list and order yours today!

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