Dragy Review: Best GPS Based Performance Tracker?

Dragy Review

Are you a car enthuriast and you would like a way to track your vehicles performance times, without breaking the bank?

You are in luck, because in this Dragy review, I’ll explain to you how this GPS-based device tracks your all the stats you need within milisecond accuracy.

Not only that, I’ll also show you a video at the end of how this application works.


download the Dragy app

The history of performance tracking is relatively recent, with most devices being expensive and somewhat bulky. This all changes with Dragy. Before you even decide to order the device online, you need to go into the Google Play Store or IOS App Store and download the Dragy application. The application is free and doesn’t require any kind of sign up to get the process going.

First impressions of the apps are as follows:
The app loads quickly and you’ll be prompted by a 5 second ad for the 3D Map application by Dragy.

Once everything loads up you’ll see a very simple, easy to use interface with a simple button in the app that says “connect”.

Beneath the button there’s a few tabs you can click on, but I’ll get to that in a little.

From 0-10, the Dragy app gets 9/10 stars for overall ease of use and non-nonsense features.

The 1 stars are taken off for the ad that is show every time you start up the app. Not a deal breaker at all.

  • Here’s a link for the iOS app link: Dragy App
  • Here’s a link for the Android app link: Dragy App
Dragy GPS Device

The Dragy GPS Device

The Dragy GPS-based device, let’s talk about what to expect out of the box and how this device works. 

Once you have the application downloaded and BLUETOOTH is enabled, you are ready to turn this device on. But first, what is there to expect?

When you receive the box, it will feel like there’s almost nothing inside of it, that’s somewhat true. The minimalistic design of the box resembles Apple and their iPhone boxes. Once you get this box opened up, you’ll see a small rectangular device that has a small micro-usb port, led light, and two strong magnets that allow it to be attached to almost any metal surfaces. 

As you continue to tear further through the box, you’ll notice there’s the micro-usb cable and two metal plates with 3M tape. Use these plates to stick to any part of your vehicle you plan on sticking the Dragy to. 

At first I thought you need to keep this device powered up at all times, but it turns out the Dragy has a lithium ion battery that can last up to 8 hours per charge. 

Once you have the app and device powered up, its time to connect the two and get to the fun stuff. 

installation process of dragy

Dragy Installation Process

First lets start off with powering up the GPS device and making sure the LED light is slowly flashing orange. If the device has been charged up, you can disconnect the usb cable and proceed.

Be sure to turn on the bluetooth on your phone and open up the application. When you open up the application and tap the “connect” button, it will load for a few seconds and the light on the device will turn blue for a few moments.

After the light turns blue and the Dragy app connects to satellites, the application will say “Ready”.

NOTE: It is vital you place the GPS device in direct view of the sky and have nothing obstructing the connection. Dragy scans for all the satellite connections in the sky and the stronger the connection, the more accurate your readings will become.

At this point, you are ready to start making your first few runs and seeing exactly what makes this app so amazing.


Features Inside the Dragy App

The application is primarely used in the vertical position, allowing you to take full advantage of what is available.

At the main screen, the application lets you record the following performance stats:

  • 0-30MPH
  • 0-60MPH (biggie)
  • 60-130MPH (biggie)
  • 0-130MPH (biggie)
  • 100-150MPH
  • 100-200MPH
  • 60-0MPH (biggie)
  • 1/8mile (NHRA Rules)
  • 1/4mile (NHRA Rules)
  • 1/2mile (NHRA Rules)
  • 1mile (NHRA Rules)

On top of that, say you have a certain MPH marker you want to measure that isn’t preset, for example:

You have a Tesla Model 3 and you want to see how long it takes to go from 60mph to 100mph, there’s a way to set that rule.

In addition, you can track your time for distance, if up to 1 mile doesn’t do it for you, you can track a 2 mile run, or a 1.5 mile run. All this is done in FEET, so you’ll just need to calculate 5,280 feet X 2 or 1.5 etc.

Dragy Video Recording

Record A Video

Within the application, by tapping on the top left corner, you’ll see a camera icon that take you to a horizontal recording screen.

This screen allows you to record your speed (in mph), distance traveled and video resolution. This information can be saved directly to your phones internal memory and from there you can transfer it directly to an external device.

Stay Competitive
This application allows you to tap on the leaderboard tab and see the top performers in all different brands of cars, from Toyota, BMW, Audi, and more.

You may get discouraged because you’ll see insanely fast 0-60mph times, however keep in mind that in almost all cases, these vehicles are extremely modded.

This leaderboard data applies to not just United States, but also Russia, Germany, UK, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Australia, and many other countries.

This just goes to show how far and wide this device has reached the car enthusiast.

The Facebook of Car Performance Tracking
The last and another great feature of the Dragy app is the “Feed” tab, located at the bottom, right before you get to the profile settings. When you click on the FEED tab, you’ll see the endless range of users posting photos and video recordings of them doing awesome things, such as 0-60MPH times, top speed runs, 1/4 mile times, and much more. Not just in USA, but from all over the world.

You can create your own profile, add your own vehicle in the garage tab and post your own info, giving people the ability to follow you and develop a reputation on the platform.

Just like on Instagram, you can follow people and see what they are up too.

Customer Your Profile and Settings
Tap on the “Me” tab and see who has sent you a message, what the history of your runs have been, including the the times for them all and what you have in your garage.

Before you export the video recordings, you can see all the videos saved on the app and which units you want set (miles/kilometers, feet/meters).

Pro's and Con's of Dragy

The Dragy app and the overall system that is in place is almost bulletproof, the reason why so many people have downloaded the app and bought the device is because it actually works and has good user interface.

Let me outline the GOOD and BAD of both the application and GPS device.


  • The application is FREE and is easy to use.
  • What you pay for the GPS device is only 1/2 to 1/3 of what you’d pay for comparable devices from other companies.
  • The accuracy (1/100 of second refresh) of the device makes it a reliable way to measure 0-60mph times.
  • You can connect with other users within the application.

The BAD:

  • The short ad in the beginning of the app startup.
  • The GPS device feels cheap, being made of mostly plastic and weighing very little.
  • Connecting to satellites can take a while sometimes, especially when the sky isn’t 100% clear.

WHO should buy the Dragy app?

Dragy as you can see from this review, is an excellent product, catered towards the automotive enthusiast. This isn’t something a regular person would justify spending money on, UNLESS the person wants to see how fast they can get from their home to Walmart, and back (joking of course).

At AvtoWow, we plan on using this device to set benchmark times for regular electric car 0-60MPH times, 1/4mile times, and much more. After seeing how great this application is, we’ve added it to our electric car apps list. If you own an EV, this list is for you.