9 Best HID Conversion Kits of 2020 | A Buyers Guide

a guide to the best hid conversion kits

According to the National Safety Council, driving at night is dangerous. The risk of a fatal accident increases at night by three times. Why? 

One of the chief reasons is simple: it’s hard to see at night.

If a deer decides to make a mad dash across the road during daylight, you’ve got a decent shot at seeing it in time. If it happens on a moonless night, then you’d better have some high-quality headlights. Every millisecond of reaction time gained gives you a better chance at avoiding a collision and saving lives.

Instead of a filament in a lightbulb, HID’s use a capsule of gas. The result is a greater amount of light and less drainage on your battery–all good reasons to convert to HID.

An HID conversion kit is the easy to upgrade your headlight from the halogen dark age to a bright new world. It’s a more established technology than LED, so the bugs have already been worked out. Here are a few reasons why you should choose HID over LED.

  • Brightness. With the right kit, you can raise the brightness level above your stock headlights by 3-5 times.
  • Consistency. LED manufacturers make oft-unfounded claims about lumen levels, but HID kits tend to deliver what they promise.
  • Color options. HID conversion kits offer quite a bit more choices in light color. LED technology only offers 4 colors

Best HID Conversion Kits - Top 3 Chart

HID Kits:


Xentec bulbs


Best Overall

  • 6000K Brightness
  • Reasonable Price 
  • 35W Per Bulb

Innovited HID Kit

Most Premium

  • Highest Wattage Per Bulb
  • Brightness up to 10000K 
  • Satisfied base of customers
Xtreme Vision


Top Value

  • Offers Brightness up to 5,700 lumens
  • Cost effective. 
  • Shockproof & Waterproof

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HID Kit Reviews in Detail (Top 9)

So, what are the best HID conversion kits available?

The internet is flooded with options, and it can be overwhelming to find a high-quality kit that offers each of the options you’re looking for. I’ve researched them and found 9 HID kits that we recommend. Check out the breakdown below:

1. Xentec HID Kit - The Best Overall HID Kit

Photo: by Innovited Lighting

A majority of buyers have given this kit a 5-star review, which is probably the best recommendation you could get. This kit comes with a universal ballast, meaning it will fit in any car or motorcycle. It’s also waterproof sealed, and it’s impervious to dust or shock, meaning you can feel confident taking these off-road.

Want color options? You’ve got twelve of them. Innovited provides the standard, pure white looks that won’t attract much attention, or the more glitzy blue hues if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous.

Innovited offers a 7-day price match guarantee. If you find a better price somewhere else, show it to them and they’ll refund you the difference.

Color: 6000K

Cost: $$

Watts: 55



2. Xentec HID Kit - The Best Overall HID Kit

Xentec bulbs
Photo: by Xentec AALS

These headlights will keep shining bright for up to 5000 hours, which is a very long time when you consider the price you’re paying. That’s 5 times longer than your halogen bulbs.

And how bright will they be shining? 3,200 lumens, to be exact. That’s around 2,000 more than your halogen lights emit–imagine tripling your headlights’ brightness! 

Xentec offers twelve color options, including deep blue. 

Of all the HID conversion kits we’ve looked into, this one represents one of the best values at a cheap price point. It offers similar performance to some of the more expensive kits listed below. Compare it with the rest and decide if it makes sense for you.

Color: 6000K

Cost: $$

Watts: 35



3. OPT7 Xenon HID Kit

Opt7 HID
Photo: by OPT7 LLC

The Bullet-R offers a clean pattern that shoots around three times as much light as your average halogen beams. 

Their exclusive xenon gas formulas offer unique colorways. Want to create a unique look? Consider adding Monster Green or Ice Blue light beams to your ride–that will definitely stand out. 

Are you nervous about trying an HID conversion kit? Just in case you think your new headlights will die on you after a few months, OPT7 offers a 2-year replacement warranty. 

In case something goes wrong, they offer real-life customer service with 24-hour response rate. That’s a rarity in the consumer electronics space, and it can be extremely valuable if you run into an issue specific to HID technology. Instead of Googling and Youtubing yourself to death, just make a call and talk to an expert. Simple.

Color: 5000K

Cost: $$

Watts: 35



4. Xtreme Vision Hid Conversion Kit

Xtreme Vision
Photo: by Xtreme Vision

These lights have a very important quality: they’re shockproof.

Do you dream of weekends spent crawling all over rocks in your Jeep? Maybe crushing some deep water and then hitting some airtime over a sand dune? 

Those things are a lot of fun, but they shake, rattle, and roll everything in your car. The headlights don’t get a pass, so you’re going to need some protection.

Perhaps the only shock your car gets is a gentle curb-bump at the grocery store. Either way, your headlights will last longer and perform better if they’re built to withstand shock, and that’s exactly what ExtremeVision offers.

They also offer a 2-year hassle-free warranty, meaning you won’t have to explain exactly how fast you were gravel-doughnutting when a rock flew its way through your headlights. Just tell them your lights are no longer working, and you’ll get a fresh pair. Climb all the rocks you want.

ExtremeVision lets you choose from nine color options. Go for the Golden Yellow if you want to make an impression. Or, choose Bright White if you just want to see straight go along your merry way.

Color: 6000K

Cost: $$

Watts: 35



5. Morimoto HID Headlight Conversion Kit

Photo: by Morimoto International

This is one of the most expensive HID headlight conversion kits available. It’s the latest update of a model that has sold over half a million units. That kind of longevity is hard to find in the aftermarket world, and it’s worth paying for. Many HID conversion kits are in the newborn stages of their iteration, but Morimoto has been at it long enough to work its way through lots of problems.

The ballasts in this kit weigh a little more than the others for a good reason. They’re very high-quality. In fact, every component is high quality. The added weight and bulk made these a bit more annoying to install, but the extra bit of trouble is surely worth the quality upgrade.

If you want to take a deeper dive and get one of the best HID conversion kits out there, this is a good way to go. It will cost you more, but you’ll be buying peace of mind along with the lights.

Color: 5500K

Cost: $$$$

Watts: 55



6. DDM Xenon Kit

Photo: by DDM

The only thing better than a two-year warranty is a lifetime warranty. That’s right. Burn down the highway night with your premium light, and do it as much as you want. When the headlights finally give out, DDM will replace them. No questions.

This HID conversion kit comes in plug-n-play fashion, so you don’t have to drive yourself insane trying to get them up and running. Just plug into your stock harness and find a place for the ballasts.

These babies cut through the darkness to the tune of 3,400 lumens, which is beyond three times as bright as those weak halogens your car came with. That’s a lot of brightness.

Slim AC ballasts make it easy to hide this kit away under the hood.

Color: 6000K

Cost: $$

Watts: 35-55



7. Lumenon Kit - VERY Budget Friendly!

Photo: Lumenon

Quick: what’s the most annoying thing about getting a new toy? Assembly time. Same as it was when you were freaking out around the Christmas tree. Remember all the hours of frustration your dad spent putting together your new stuff? You don’t want any part of that routine with your new headlights.

Good news: like all of the best hid kits, this is a plug-n-play, meaning you’re not going to blow your whole weekend trying to get the thing operational. No freak outs, no fuss. Just plug it and play.

Lumenon lights come in one of five clean colors, including Pure White and Diamond White. These are perfect for someone who doesn’t want to draw lots of unnecessary attention–they just look good.

5,500 hours: That’s how long these will last you. It’s an incredible value.

Color: 6000K

Cost: $

Watts: 35-55



8. HID Warehouse AC 55W

HID Warehouse
Photo: HID Warehouse Inc.

The HID-Warehouse 55W AC Xenon kit is designed to make your driving, a lot easier and clearer. There used to be a lot of similar kits that cost 2-4X the cost of this one, but over time they dropped off from the market place, except for these.

One of the most important things about slim ballast HID kits, is the brightness improvements you’ll see after installation. This kit is no exception, you can choose from 3000K to 12000K+.

On top of all that, there’s probably the perfect size that fits your vehicle. I checked them out and you can pick from 20+ different size of bulbs. In case something does not fit or even breaks, you’ll have a 2 year warranty (included) after you make the purchase.

Color: 3000K-12000K+

Cost: $$

Watts: 55



9. O-NEX Xenon Bulb Kit

O-Nex Xenon

With this kind of name, you gotta mean business. Pokemon anyone? When I was researching the best hid headlight kits for the money, this one was coming up time and time again. I brushed it off thinking its just junk from China, but I was wrong.

The O-Nex Xenon kit is comparable to many other ones in the price range. There’s a pretty happy customer base so far, but it does need more exposure to people looking for a set of bulbs.

I notice it has pretty bright options, ranging from 3000K to 12000K. When it comes down to picking the right size, you should not have an issue from the 11 different ones they offer (H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, H13 and more).

Like many other ones, this kit is plug-and-play. This kit is especially good for Audi, BMW, (newer) Chevy’s and Dodge’s, Lexus, Mercedes, and Volvo’s.

The only complaint I can find is the higher wattage for the entire kit, at 55W. While you may have brighter bulbs, it comes at a price of lifespan. Expect around 3500 hours of running time.

Color: 3000K-12000K+

Cost: $$$

Watts: 55



Frequently Asked Questions about HID Conversion Kits

Do HID headlights last longer than standard halogen sets?

Yes. Your halogen bulbs last around 150-200 hours of continuous use. The average HID light will give you…5000 hours. Remember, that number is for actual usage, not driving hours. For the typical driver, that translates to around six years of usage. Not bad!

Do HID lights use more power than halogen?

Nope. Most HID conversion kits draw around 35 watts. Compare that with around 55 watts for halogen lights. HID lights do draw more power at engine startup, but this only lasts for about two seconds.

Will I need to adjust the trajectory of my headlights?

Maybe. After installation, park your car on the street at night and test the light level. It may appear to be higher than the previous installation, almost as if you have your brights on. In order to be courteous to other drivers, you should lower the headlight angle until it’s no longer a distraction to others.

What is the “k” rating displayed next to light colors?

The k stands for Kelvin, which is used to measure the temperature of your light’s color. The standard is 4100k, which is natural, bright light that most closely replicates daytime. A halogen light has a lower rating–around 3,200–and produces a more yellowish tent. Blue tents register much higher, and this takes away from actual light output.

Can I install these myself?

Definitely. If you have any level of mechanical inclination, you’ll be able to handle the installation. There are no complicated steps involved in this process.

Will I need to splice wires (or any other annoying installation tasks?)

No wire-splicing required. Your HID conversion kit will plug straight in to your stock harness. The only dirty-work required is mounting the ballasts, and given the slim form used by most new units, this really isn’t much of an issue.

Why are some LED lights rated at a much higher brightness level than the HID kits?

Many LED manufacturers are claiming to have an extremely high lumen level (up to 10,000), but this simply isn’t true. LED technology doesn’t actually allow for this kind of light threshold, the sellers only want you to think that it does. It’s one example of the problems faced by consumers when a technology is brand new. HID trumps LED because of its time in development.

If I don’t like the HID lights, can I remove them and reinstall my halogens?

Yes. HID conversion kits are low-impact, and so they’re very easy to undo if you choose. Just remove the ballasts and bulbs, and plug your halogens back in. No problem.

Why do HID lights make a weird noise at startup?

This is normal. It’s just the sound of the ballasts taking the power they need from the car’s battery.

Do most people install HID high and low-beams?

Because low-beams do the vast majority of the work, most folks don’t feel the need to spend the money on HID high-beams. In fact, the need for high-beams is drastically reduced because of the quality level of low-beam HIDs.

HID kit buyers guide


HID lights are a good choice for anyone who wants to see better at night and increase safety. They also look much better than halogen lights and add quite a bit of aesthetic value to your car.

The best HID headlight conversion kits allow you to seriously upgrade your car’s headlights without creating an installation headache. Most of the kits can be installing and running within an hour–less if you’re especially handy. 

We’ve covered some cheaper options (less than $50) and some more expensive kits with a proven track record. The spectrum of quality vs. price is favorable for consumers: there are plenty of balanced options reviewed here.

Read through our reviews and choose the kit that provides everything you’re looking for. Remember to double check the fit for your specific car; the fit charts on Amazon are not to be trusted. Check the actual manufacturer specifications, and take a look at some forums to get specific answers from other drivers’ trial and error.

These are some of the best HID kits out there. Give them a shot; you won’t regret it.

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