7 Best EV Charger Stations for Homes 2019

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Did you know the average charge time using 110-120 volt ev car charger is 10+ hours!

In addition, did you also know you can CUT that time by 3-6X to as little as just 2-4 hours for a FULL battery?

If you embraced EV's and know they are here to stay, odds are you are using yours quite frequently.

Whether it may be a "hybrid" like a Chevy Volt or a full EV like a Nissan Leaf, charging them at home is the most convenient way to do so. 

We are lucky in 2019 to have the ability to have EV home charger installations done at reasonable prices. People like you and me are now able to use EV's on a regular basis without too much sacrifice. This brings up the question, what is the best ev charger for my home?

When you ask this, knowing the car you are using is very important!

All cars that have some type of EV range have built-in charge limits. In a 2011 Chevy Volt for instance, it has a 3.3kwh onboard charger which limits the speed to just... 3.3kwh. No matter whether you buy a 6.6kwh or a 9.6 kwh EV home charger, you'll only be getting 3.3kwh.

I have created this guide to help you find the BEST level 2 charger for your home, one that would work ideally for your automobile and ultimately, give you the MOST range possible in the shortest period of time. As you proceed down towards the entire list of the 7 most recommended, I have included a list of current EV's sold in American and their level 2 charge rates.

With each EV home charger review i've done, there's an outline of the AMPs and maximum kWh output.




Max kWh Output:



JuiceBox  Pro 40


Pro 40





Siemens US2 










ChargePoint  CPH25-P





Bosch  EL-51254-A




EV Home Charger Reviews (Top 7 Picks of 2019)

You saw the above 5 recommended 240 volt car chargers, right? If you want the absolute MOST charging speed, the JuiceBox Pro 40 is the way to go. After that, the following 4 are also EXCELLENT choices.

Now if you want to see the complete EV home charger review list, you can see it right below. I went ahead and dug into each one's specs, price, user reviews including what they like and don't like, and also my own personal verdict.

Whichever one you choose, it is with 100% certainty these will be a MUCH better improvement from regular charging from 110-120 volt outlets!

JuiceBox Pro 40

1. JuiceBox Pro 40 - BEST EV Charger of 2019 (editors choice)

So you have a plug in hybrid or an EV, you want the fastest at home charging possible... right? Well, the JuiceBox Pro 40 is the BEST ev charger you can get right now. This thing caught my attention because of the impressive and above average charging speed of 9.6 kw per hour, that is much higher then many other ones out there.

What makes this EV charger so special is the ability to charge at up to 240 volts at 40 amp (240x40=9.6kw). While it may look like a basic charger, it's far from it.

You get to choose from 32 amps to 40 amps, which is the biggest price difference. With the very long 24' foot cord, you can park your automobile in any way possible and STILL have the flexibility to charge without straining the cable.

Did you know you can enable WiFi with this charger, connect it with your app at home and see the real time LIVE progress of your vehicle charging! That is an amazing BONUS that many other ones simply don't have, despite being priced similarly.

Power comes from a NEMA 14-50 standard RV plug that feeds into a J1772 plug running at 40 amps.

There's MANY reasons to love this system, and raving feedback from current users and past customers have made it clear, this thing is easy to install, charges fast, and the WiFi is a great addition.

You can't go wrong with the JuiceBox Pro 40!

Siemens US2 VC30GRYU

2. Siemens US2 VC30GRYU

Coming in as the #2 on this list is the Siemens US2:VC30GRYU. This one would of made it as the #1 charger, had it not been for the faster charging speed JuiceBox provided. Nonetheless, while getting 7.2kW charging speed with the Siemens... it is an exceptional value!

99% of todays vehicles that are compatible with level 2 charging, have a maximum of 6.6kW per hour charging speed. This system would charge a Nissan Leaf from 2011-2015 in about 3.5-4.5 hours.

Lets dig into the specifications. First of all, the whole kit comes as a plug and play setup, meaning that if you find the NEMA 6-50 plug somewhere in your home (providing 240 volts), you'll be able to simply mount this to the wall and start charging.

Siemens comes with the standard level 2 J1772 compatible plug that will work on all modern EV's. There's a 20' foot long cable ensuring flexibility is no issue.

This model is the top of the line charger that comes with WiFi that connects to your mobile phone and lets you see in real-time your current state of charge. While this may be a luxury that isn't quite necessary, it's worth mentioning that compared to the JuiceBox... you are saving more than $100 with Siemens.

In a nutshell, this is an excellent home car charging station. Cheaper than most, charges at a reasonable rate, and has WiFi letting you check the current state of charge whenever you want.



At first glance, it looks like a regular charger that comes with your EV or plug-in hybrid car... but you'd be wrong. The MUSTARD ER-N1450 is a more "minimalistic" view of level 2 car chargers. This thing deserved the #3 spot and no less!

While it may look rather small in size, it actually boasts an impressive charge rate. It works with 40amps and with 110-240 volts of power. The end result is 9.6kw of power output, delivered straight to your car.

This whole system works by using NEMA-14-50 240 volts plug which should be found in almost all households that have any kind of heavy-duty appliance. It's as easy as plugging it into the wall and you are ready for charging.

This one is priced just below 400 dollars with cheaper models going down to as little as 340 dollars. Unless you are on a tight budget, for an extra 50 dollars or so, you can start charging at almost 2X faster speed using this model.

There's absolutely nothing negative I can mention about this unit. After everything I've mentioned so far, it even has over-voltage and over-current protection, lightning wiring, overheating protection, leakage protection, and is even IP54 weather resistant (but the company recommends you still keep the box module indoors).

With 25' feet to play with, there's a decent amount of length to reach your vehicle from indoors. This is the BEST value on the list.

ChargePoint CPH25-P

4. ChargePoint CPH25-P

Odds are high that you probably heard of this company, its the company that is MANY charging stations spread across the entire United States and Canada. They are smart by providing consumers like you and me the ability to purchase their popular level 2 chargers and use them in our home. This is the ChargePoint Home CPH25-P 240 volt car charger.

Right away, I strongly admire the wall mount where you mount and unmount the J1772 plug. It looks low-key and displays a simple light that shows clear indications of current status of the system.

This version from ChargePoint is the most expensive version because you get an impressive 25' foot long cable (that's 5' feet longer than #1 and #2 above), there's a 32 Amp system built-in which gives you 7.6kw of charging speed instead of 7.2Kw, and lastly it has convenient WiFi tech.

According to ChargePoint, most EV's can get up to 25 miles per hour, meaning that you can get a Chevy Spark EV charged up to 100% in less than 4 hours.

Much like many others, this system works simply by using the NEMA 6-50 outlet with a 40 amp, 240 volt circuit. This system can be installed both INSIDE and OUTSIDE due to its weather resistant build quality.

This is one of few that is certified to be Energy Star compliant.

As a whole, its not the cheapest option... but you DO have a big company behind it with clear experience in the industry of charging electric cars. The position it has is well deserved!

Bosch EL-51254-A

5. Bosch EL-51254-A

When you think of Bosch, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

For me its drills mostly and other hardware tools. But did you know Bosch is know for making automotive tools, parts and much more!

With 100% certainty, Bosch makes some expensive tools. While that may be true, it is becuase they make their products with QUALITY in mind. This level 2 EV charger is definitely no exception. Being the most expensive unit on this list, I figured its fair to add this on this list because this German brand is known for solid customer support and making good quality products all-around.

The one we have here is the 30 amp version that also has a 25' foot cable. You get an SAE J1772 standard plug which is compatible with all current electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Powering the charger is a cord that would connect to your electrical outlet which has a NEMA 3R outlet.

Bosch take a "non-complicated' approach to using their system, there's a simple START and STOP button that lets you control vehicle charging.

If price is no issue for YOU, consider getting the Bosch EL-51254-A. There's enough kW output for nearly all EV vehicles for LEVEL 2 charging. Not only will you be getting a good system, but also a company that has a history of making well built products!

AV aeronvironemnt

6. AV aeronvironemnt

Apparently, AV aerovironment is the official charger approved by automakers such as: Ford, Nissan, Fiat, Kia, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Chevrolet and BMW. As far as I know, this is the ONLY charger that gets this kind of status.

Let's look deeper into this wall charger and see what it has to compete against the 5 mentioned so far.

First of all, this system outputs 7.7kW with a 32 Amp system. This gives you ALL the necessary power required to get your electric vehicle charged in the fastest way possible. When installing, you'll be using a NEMA 6-30 plug that allows you draw 240 volts from your home.

AV aerovironment made it convenient when they made their cable 25' feet long.

If you are going to install this charger yourself, remember that the power cord that goes directly into the NEMA 6-30 outlet is only about 10" inches long, mounting the entire unit next to the wall outlet will be REQUIRED.

I would placed this unit higher in the rankings if it had some additional features. Nonetheless, being on this list is a significant things because only the best EV car chargers make it.

Simplicity is what you get, combined with manufacturers backing it as a charger of choice. That is a combination of two things that make an attractive offer!

Zencar EV

7. Zencar EV

With every list, I had to include a VERY affordable option. The affordable options is the Zencar Level 2 Charger. This simple kit lets you plug and charge your automobile for less than $250 dollars. Compared to a standard 110-120v charger... you'll be saving 2-4x more time.

Alright, so for the price you are getting a 25' foot long cable that has an SAE J1772 plug, available for power with NEMA 5-15, NEMA 6-20, NEMA 6-30, NEMA 10-30, NEMA 10-50 and L14-30 plug. I know that is a LOT of different compatible wall plugs, but the key is to know you are more than likely compatible no matter which kind of 240v outlet you have at home.

Everything here is running on 16 Amps which equals to around 3.8kW of energy output.

Of course you'll be charging at a noticeable slower rate compared to what I mentioned above. If your vehicle has a maximum of 3.3kW, this will be PERFECT (I'm talking to you i-MIEV, 11-12 Leaf, 1st Gen Volt etc).

For the price, the system is basic (but more advanced than level 1). As long as you can connect to a 240v power supply, everything after that should be a breeze!

Benefits of Level 2 Charging (Infographic)

What Do I Do From Here?

Since you've come this far, I congratulate you. I mentioned the 7 best EV home charger stations for 2019, so from here it's up to you to decide which one works for you. Remember to not spend money you don't have to, such as being a 7+ kw charger for a car like a Chevy Volt or Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid which only take 3.3Kw MAX. 

There's an even mix of affordable and premium priced EV chargers. If your vehicle has a higher level 2 onboard charger, you should maximize it and get the highest output unit provided on the list. 

That's all I got for you. 

If you enjoyed this guide, consider charing it with others below!

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