Best EV Chargers of 2020 | Current Top 7 Choices

best electric car chargers on the market
Did you know that if you charge your EV with a standard 110 volt outlet, it would take on average 10+ hours!
I don’t know about you, but life’s too short to wait that long. Especially when there’s an affordable way to cut DOWN that time by more than half.
Today, we’re going to be focusing on the best ev chargers on the market.
What I’ve done below is compile a list of the 7 most recommended level 2 chargers. These home charging stations are capable of charging your car with 220-240 volts. When properly installed, you can cut your vehicles charging time by 50% (or more).
Let’s have a look!

EV Charger Reviews - Top 7 Picks

#1. JuiceBox Pro 40 - BEST EV Charger of 2019

If you have an electric vehicle, you want the fastest home charging possible… right? The JuiceBox Pro 40 is the BEST EV charger you can get right now (for a reasonable price) .
What makes it rank so high? Let me explain.
The installation can be very straight forward. Since this charger uses the 220 volt system, you can hardwire it into a breaker box or an existing outlet.
It has the ability to charge at 40 amps, giving you a kilowatt output of 8.8 to 9.6 per hour.
To give you some perspective, a 2014 Nissan Leaf using a standard 110 volt outlet, would take 20 hours. Now if you were able to use this charger, you are looking at under 4 hours.
When buying THIS model in particular, there’s three choices. First is the 32 amp model, second is the 40 amp hardwiring model, and the third is a 40 amp NEMA 14-50 plug model.
With all that, you’ll also be able to download the EV JuiceNet app which tracks many aspects of this charger.


  • Capable of charging up to 10kW/h
  • Has three different models to choose from
  • Controllable with a phone application to track usage
  • Reasonable priced
  • Simple design and easy to use

#2. Siemens US2 VC30GRYU Level 2 Charger

Siemens is is a well known company, from automotive, home, and technological applications. When they make a product, more often than not, quality is well above average.
With it comes their automotive aspect, there’s the Siemens US2 VersiCharge.
By looking at it from the outside, you wouldn’t think much of it. There’s only two knobs, indicating a variety of different options using LED lights. By looking at that, you might think its too basic…
But there’s more than meets the eye.
This EV charger is capable of taking up to 30 amps at 220-240 volts. This means your EV can get 12 to 22 miles in one hour of charging.
Some can say, there’s beauty in simplicity. The Siemens US2 VersiCharge (VC30GRYU) is an excellent example of that.
This model has a 20 foot long cord and a pre-installed NEMA 6-50 plug. Installation would be simple as long as you have an existing NEMA 6-50 outlet. If you don’t, the other option would be the Siemens US2 VersiCharge (VC30GRYHW) model. You can hardwire it into any 220-240 volt system.


  • Charging Rate up to 7.2kW
  • Uses a NEMA 6-50 Plug
  • Simple Design and Layout
  • 3-Year Warranty Available
  • 20-Foot Charging Cord

#3. MUSTART ER-N1450 Electric Charging Station

When I first saw this charger, I thought it was nothing special. After digging further into the specs, I learned it was much more. The MUSTART Level 2 Portable EV Charger (MU-P model) is a powerhouse of an electric vehicle charging station. It comes as a small package, but the charging cord is a whopping 25 feet long.
If you want something you can install without it taking up much space, look no further. Matter of fact, you don’t even need to mount it to the wall.
Depending on the charging rate you desire, you can choose between 8 versions. These versions have different wall plugs and amp rating. The lowest amp rating model can take up to 26 amps, while the others can do 32 and 40 amps max.
The one I’d recommend getting as the #3 top rated EV charger is the 40 amp model. You will also get a few two key accessories which will complete the package. Accessory number one is the J-1772 connector holder (wall mountable). The other accessory is the cord holder which mounts to your wall.
While this model costs 50 dollars more, you get almost 2X the charging speed of the cheapest model.


  • 8 Different Variants To Choose From
  • Takes Up To 40 amps
  • 25-Foot Charging Cord
  • Compact Package
  • Uses a J-1772 Plug (perfect for 99% of EV’s)

#4. ChargePoint CPH25-P Electric Charging Station

Odds are you’ve heard of this company. They have MANY charging stations spread across the entire United States and Canada. They allow consumers like you and me buy their chargers and share them with everyone. One of their most popular models is the CPH25-P level 2 car charger.
Right away, I love the ergonomic design of this charger. You can plug and unplug the J-1772 connector with ease.
For the money, ChargePoint gives you quite a lot. First there’s the charge itself which lets you go up to 240 volts at 32 amps. At that voltage and current, your EV can receive up to 7.2kW/h.
It uses a NEMA 6-50 outlet but can also be had with a hardwiring option.
Every aspect of the charging process, you can control using the ChargePoint App. From your current state of charge to how long you have left until full. A very convenient application to have and something that gives this charger a BONUS point.
This model has a long 25 foot charging cable, giving you added flexibility. Collecting all 25 feet is super easy and doesn’t need a separate bracket. Due to the unique design of this charge, you can wrap the cord around the top.
As a whole, its not the cheapest option… but you DO have a big company behind it with clear experience in the industry of EV charging. The position of #4 is well deserved.


  • ChargePoint App is Available for IOS and Android Phones
  • Can Charge at Up To 32 amps
  • Charging Cord is 25 Feet Long
  • Ergonomic and Attractive Design

#5. Bosch EL-51254-A Electric Charging Station

When you first think of Bosch, what comes to mind?
If its hardware tools, you’d be correct. They are a premium brand when it comes to power tools worldwide. But, I bet you didn’t know they specialize in auto parts as well.
You bet, in fact they are one of the most sought after brands when it comes to getting aftermarket parts.
The Bosch EL-51254-A is one of the best level 2 EV charger stations. It features a simple interface and a few choices between low, mid and top-tier priced models.
This one as #5 on the list is the 30 amp version. This unit can charge your EV at 6.6 to 7.2kW. The speed is respectable and more than enough for 95% of EV’s and PHEV’s on the market.
Where this charge falls back is the price. Its the most expensive unit on this list, and with no more features as #3 which is half the price.
With that said, this is still #5 because of the reputable brand and a solid 3-year warranty. You may be paying a premium, but this charger works.


  • Charges at 30 amps
  • Charging Cable is 25 Feet Long
  • Simple Design
  • Hardwiring Required
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty

#6. Blink HQ Level 2 Home Charger

Wouldn’t it be nice to buy something and get $300 backs?.. Yes, that is exactly what happens with this Blink HQ home EV charger.
Once you buy this charger, you’ll also get credits any public Blink Network station.
Blink has made its name known in the fast charging scene. They have hundreds of fast chargers spread all across North America.
While that is their specialization, they also sell level 2 chargers that you can install in your home. This one in particular takes up to 240 volts at a reasonable 30 amps. There’s a separate installation guide here. 
You’ll be looking at 6.6 to 7.2 kW/h for most electric and plug-in hybrid cars.
There isn’t a pre-existing cable which connects to a 220-240 volt outlet. Instead, you’ll need to hardwire it to either an existing 220-240 volt outlet or your breaker box.
This unit isn’t the cheapest, but it isn’t the most expensive either. Due to the hefty $300 credit towards Blinks charging network, it makes it the #6 position.


  • $300 Credit Towards Blink’s Public Charging Network
  • Can Take Up To 30 amps at 220-240 volts
  • Simple Design
  • Requires Hardwiring

#7. Zencar EV Charger Level 2 Home Charger

If you need the CHEAPEST electric car charger on the market, look no further than Zencar. As #3 on this list, Zencar has made 9 different variants of this electric car charger. Each one costing much less than the competition.
With low costs comes reasons why, lets look at the details.
We’ve been talking about chargers that could charge on at least 30 amps. That gives you anywhere between 6.6 to 7.2kW/h. With Zencar, due to the affordability, you’ll be charging at only 16 amps. This may be half of what other car chargers can do, but you’ll also be paying half of others cost.
This whole unit is a perfect addition to anyone who has a plug-in hybrid and does not want to spend HUNDREDS. Since most plug-in hybrids take 3.3-3.6kW/h, this would be the perfect unit.


  • The Most Affordable Unit You Could Buy
  • Can Charge at 16 amps
  • Minimal Design
  • 9 Different Variants to Choose From

Benefits of Level 2 Charging (Infographic)

What Do I Do From Here?

Since you’ve come this far, I congratulate you. I mentioned the 7 best EV home charger stations for 2019, so from here it’s up to you to decide which one works for you.

It’s important to not overdo it with your upcoming buy. Find out what your EV’s or PHEV’s highest kW rate is and find a charger that meets it but does not exceed it.

Example: A 2011 Chevy Volt takes a maximum of 3.3kW. If you get #7 on the list above, that would be more than enough. If you buy something that can charge at 6.6 or 7.2kW, it would be pointless. Your vehicle can only take what the onboard charger can accept (3.3kW in the Volt).

Aside from that, you have the knowledge necessary to pick a home electric car charging station.

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