Best Electric Luxury Sedans of 2022

best electric luxury sedans

Have you noticed how fast EV market has advanced in the last 10 years? Back in 2012, the Model S was a breathtaking, fully drivable premium EV that was within reach of most people. It looked good, seated up to 5 people, and you could even take it on long road trips. 

With the Nissan Leaf offering a measly 84 miles on a single charge, when Tesla started selling their Model S with up to 265 miles on a single charge, that was record setting for quite a few years. In fact, they were the only company that was breaking the range per charge record year over year. 

Now in 2022 and going into 2023, the best electric luxury sedans on the market right now are capable of reaching 400 to 500 miles on a single charge (that’s more than many gas powered vehicles). 

Let’s dive into the TOP electric luxury sedans you can buy, starting with the Mercedes and working our way down.

Top 3 Luxury EV Picks

  • HIGHEST PERFORMANCE: Tesla Model S Plaid
  • LONGEST RANGE: Lucid Air Drean Edition
  • BEST VALUE: BMW i4 eDrive35

Here are Top 8 Electric Luxury Sedans

Mercedes EQS

2022 Mercedes EQS

The Mercedes EQS is the electrified S-Class equivalent. This is the beginning of the full electrification of the Mercedes lineup, starting with their flagship model that has been on the market for a few decades.

What makes the EQS great is that it looks slightly ahead of its time. Unlike with some manufacturers retrofitting their gas/diesel powered vehicles with an electric drivetrain, this one is made from the ground up to be 100% electric.

Its sleek shape allows it to travel 285-350 miles on a single charge (depending on which trim level you get).

Charging speeds are extremely fast, giving the 107.8 – 108.4 kWh battery pack an 80% charge in as little as 20 minutes.

When you take a look inside the vehicle, it’s even more impressive. Beautiful leather and touch-screens everywhere.

If you’d like to get your hands on one of these, the MSRP is $102,310 for the EQS 450+, $120,160 and $147,500 for the EQS AMG.

2022 Lucid Air

lucid air

I would say Lucid is one of the most groundbreaking vehicles to hit the market in the last 12 to 24 months. For the longest time, it seemed like this electric luxury sedan would be a simple… concept. It was thought that it looked great on “paper” but, are they really going to make it?

Well it’s here and it does not disappoint. This is another all-American manufacturer that got it right and offered something that not many can match.

This EV has the perfect shape to have one of the lowest drag numbers in the industry. In addition to that, the number of trim levels it offers is quite impressive. From the Pure model starting at just under $90,000 and working your way up to the Sapphire model which starts at $249,000.

There’s a version for almost any budget.

The interior is fairly minimalistic, but nice. What blows many away is just how fast the car actually is and even more mind blowing, how fast the all new Saphhire trim level is.

Range figures start at 400 miles for the Pure trim level and reach up to 517 miles for the Dream Edition. Performance figures are equally as impressive, ranging from 3.8 seconds – 2.0 seconds 0-60 mph.

2023 BMW i7

BMW i7 luxury EV

If you can recall when BMW started their electrification process, back with the i3, it was a good time. What a fun and compact vehicle to drive around the city.

What seemed like a decade, it wasn’t until BMW released an actual flagship of an EV, with range you can use on long road trips. From the iX, i4 and now the i7, if you are looking for a beautiful and comfortable electric luxury sedan, the i7 does not disappoint.

Arguably, the new grill design in the last 2 years has thrown some people off. Honestly, it’s one of those things that simply grows on you. The BMW i7 is no exception in this regard, but despite that, it somehow fits the car perfectly.

Sitting inside, you are presented with BMW’s finest interior to-date. Modern, specious and comfortable.

This vehicle has a 105.7 kWh battery pack that can charge to 80% in 34 minutes and get 296 miles on a full charge.

For the 2023 model, MSRP is $119,300.

2022 Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S luxury sedan

The tried and true Tesla Model S, on its 10th year of production, it has changed quite significantly.

For the 2022 model year, it mostly stays the same from 2021. The Model S has been refreshed to look more aggressive and to have an overall better looking interior. The controversial feature the car now has is the yoke steering wheel, commonly found on the Model S Plaid. While this is an option feature on the Long Range version, its the only thing you get with the Plaid.

Some love it, while many don’t. Regardless, the vehicle in person has a more aggressive stance and the interior really speaks of luxury, without overwhelming you with buttons. Somewhat minimal, yet functional just like the Model 3.

The starting price for the Long Range version is $104,990 and the starting price for the Plaid version is $135,990. The $31,000 difference gives you slightly less range of 396 miles (vs 405 in Long Range version), but far more powerful motors. The Plaid can spring to 60 miles per hour in just 2 seconds flat. At the moment, only the Lucid Air Saphhire can compete, but even at that point, there has to be more testing done.

2022 Porsche Taycan

porsche taycan luxury ev

Porsche has long been considered a “drivers car”. When electrification began a few years back, many had the concern of the cars losing their “soul” once all the engine noise disappeared.

Well, I have good news. Porsche nailed it with the Taycan.

The Porsche Taycan was created to match the best selling Panamera that was more catered towards families. Despite having 4 doors, this car is quite luxurious and a blast to drive.

Looking at the exterior, it looks similar to the current Panamera that has been on sale for over 10 years. Once you look inside, you’ll quickly see how Porsche manages to keep their interior styling look identical to their other non-EV models (Cayenne, Macan, Panamera).

For the 2022 model, the Taycan starts at 199 miles on a single charge and works its way up to 246. Despite being all electric, the trim levels are still Base, 4S, GTS, Turbo, and Turbo S. The Turbo and Turbo S are capable of reaching low 3 and upper 2 second 0-60 mph times.

Pricing for the Base model starts at $82,700 and works its way up to $185,000 for the Turbo S version (not including options).

2022 Audi RS e-Tron GT

e-tron gt rs

We all know Audi for the great interior designing, fast RS models, and highly effective Quattro AWD system. The all-new Audi e-Tron GT, but more specifically, the RS e-Tron GT is the new way forward with their high-performance line of luxury sedans. 

One would think that the e-Tron GT shares a platform with the Taycan, that would be correct. The only difference between the two is that the Taycan offers more trim levels and RWD as an option. 

the RS e-Tron GT features stunning, wide and aggressive stance from all angles, room for 4, and 590 horsepower. The range is reasonable at 232 miles, but that might not be reachable if you hammer it on the highway and max it out at 155 miles per hour. 

If money is no issue and you want the speed, get the RS version of this vehicle. You won’t be sacrificing the range and the starting price for the RS trim is $143,895.

2022 BMW i4

bmw i4

BMW (along with Audi and Mercedes) have been known for making premium vehicle that could be categorized in the “luxury” segment for $40,000-$50,000. Premium material, leather, comfortable ride, everything one would want from a German brand.

The BMW i4 is on the border between luxury.

What makes the BMW i4 a far less luxurious vehicle than the the other ones on this list, is the fact that its by far the cheapest on this list, far more produced (with the exception of Tesla and Porsche), and one could easily pass it off for a 4-series.

The i4 has a beautiful interior, even for the base trim. The starting price for the eDrive35 is $51,400 and it goes up to $67,300 for the M50 version (without options).

A full charge can provide 270 to 301 miles of driving range.

2023 Genesis Electrified G80

Genesis G80 EV

The Korean brand Genesis has had great success with their luxury vehicles for half a decade now. With the latest G80 luxury sedan, it rivals many of todays popular options such as Mercedes S class, BMW 7 series and Audi A8.

Surprisingly, Genesis managed to convert their gas powered G80 into an electrified one with little sacrifice.

The G80 EV is a stunning vehicle with beautiful exterior and interior design, comfortable ride, and a competitive MSRP starting price of $79,825.

Driving range is quite impressive at 282 miles from the 87.2 kWh pack. When you charge from 10% to 80%, it could take you as little as 22 minutes.

It will only get better from here...

What you see here today is nothing but just a glimpse of what you is to come in the next 5, 10 and 15 years. These vehicles will not only become far more luxurious, but they will most likely become semi and fully autonomous. 

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