9 Best Dash Camera Reviews of 2019

BEST dash camera buyers guide

Don't trust ANYONE driving around you, only trust YOURSELF.

In this day and age, it can be too easy to cause an incident and just as easily run away from it. If you have not been through this kind of scenario, consider yourself lucky.

Being insured against these kinds of instances can save you money and your sanity. 

The reason why you are reading this guide is because, I've been there. I had a beautiful maroon BMW which I have been saving money for YEARS. After a few months of ownership, I never even considered a dash camera because of my life long streak of no accidents. 

While being naive, one day I parked in a giant parking lot (The Home Depot) on the way to get some supplies to paint my home. When I came back, someone accidentally backed into the front of my car, breaking the grill and damaging the bumper. Odds are high whatever damaged my front bumper was from a lifted pickup truck. 

The store had recordings but it was tough to point out exactly which truck it was since there was so much traffic and movement in the parking lot at that time. 

THIS is when I decide to get a dash cam.

I did hours of research to find the best dash cam for my car. There was at least 15 to 20 I looked into, but ultimately there were about 9 that really struck me. Of course I'd only need one, so I ended up picking one for my car which I placed as the #1 on this list.

From the entire list of dash cam reviews, remember that each one is on this list from a few dozen that were disqualified from my personal consideration. 

As you proceed below, there's a chart with top 5 picks and then, a full list of each dam camera reviewed.




Max Recording Quality:



Vantrue N2 Pro

Vantrue N2 Pro

30 fps / 1420p FHD




Rexing V1

Rexing V1

30 fps / 1080p FHD



Roav A1

Roav A1

30 fps / 1080p FHD


Aukey DR02

Aukey DR02

30 fps / 1080p FHD


Blackvue DR900S-2CH

Blackvue DR900S-2CH

30 fps / 4K UHD

Dash Camera Reviews (Top 9 Picks of 2019)

You saw the chart above, right?

I bet you like what you're seeing so far, and I would not blame you. Those right there are the absolute best when it comes to value, premium features and affordability.

I'll be doing through each dash camera review below by talking about the things I truly like and don't like. the one thing which will be for certain, they WILL have high-definition recording capabilities. That is the most important quality of a dash cam, especially when it counts!

Vantrue N2 Pro

1. Vantrue N2 Pro - BEST Dash Cam of 2019 (editors choice)

This is the best dash cam that one should get, at least for it was the case. After the incident with my BMW, this is the one I got and I've been VERY happy with it. First of all, its called the N2 Pro by Vantrue.

My first impressions were that it was priced a bit high for my budget and the brand was not one I've heard of before. However after digging deep into its details, customer reviews and using it for a little white... I have enough data to give you a solid verdict.

When you open the box, there comes all the necessary accessories such as suction cup mounts, mini usb cables, user manual and the camera itself (obviously). Setting it up is fairly easy, however if you don't want the power cord to be visible on the dashboard, you'll need to hardwire it into your fuse box (I'll have a separate post on that).

One thing that sets it apart from most others is the DUAL camera setup. Not only do you get forward view recording, but you'll also get an adjustable camera that can view the front passenger and drivers.

A micro SD card is required to save your videos with a 256GB maximum memory capacity.

In terms of video quality, you can expect a solid 1920x1080p at 60 fps for the rear and 2560x1440p (2.5K) at 30 fps for the front. Given that at night inside of your vehicle is dark, it has infrared lights built around the camera lens to illuminate the area it is recording.

While not the cheapest option on this list, I'd say its the best dash cam for the money (which is around 200 usd).

Rexing V1

2. Rexing V1

If you want THOUSANDS to vouch for this dash cams solid standing, the Rexing V1 is for you. For those who don't want something that is big, bulky and takes up plenty of windshield real estate, the way this one works would be too easy to forget you even have one.

But don't let its small size fool you into thinking it is inadequate in any way, far from it. While being a affordable at around 100 usd, it packs many different features that would give even the ones priced 1.5-2.0x more a run for their money.

When you mount it on your windshield, there's a title adjustor that lets you align the camera with the road (up or down). Where this may not work too well is with windshields that are highly curved. When you install yours, do it in the center of your windshield so the camera is facing forward and not at an angle.

There is an LCD screen (2.4" inches) that lets you see LIVE what you are recoding (you can also turn off the screen and still let it record). As with any dash camera, there is loop recording enabled, collision sensing, and WDR (wide dynamic range) for a more balanced image and video.

For the cost of 100 dollars, I was not expecting a micro SD card. You'll need to buy one (not exceeding 256gb) before you start recording.

NOTE: As a warning from the manufacturer, don't use SanDisk Ultra cards which are not compatible with it. They instead recommend cards such as the Kingston Canvas Go!.

In a nutshell, this would a great started dash camera for anyone. Whether you are a die-hard automotive enthusiast OR a regular person driving around and needing peace of mind, click the link below to check out the Rexing V1.


3. ROAV A1

As goes with most thing, the top rated dash cams don't need to cost 1/4th of a Rolex watch. There are one's that are pretty cheap but also, have the necessary features and capabilities to make them VERY usable in everyday scenarios.

As the #3 on this list, it's the Roav A1 dash camera. Do you know of any camera's that have built-in WiFi with a dedicated app for less than 75 dollars?... There might be more out there, but not many that's for sure. This one has built-in wifi that is compatible with the ROAV app. As it turns out, the app itself is VERY popular and has amazing reviews on iTunes.

This is one of those simple cameras that just mounts directly to your windshield and with an SD card inserted (maximum of 128gb), you'll be on your way to more secure driving.

When it comes to video quality, it is a standard 1080p FHD at 30fps. There's loop recording with multiple the ability to adjust how often you want each video to loop.

If you do any kind of night driving, their "night mode" lets you see videos clearer and in more detail.

There is full 360 degree adjustability with turning the dash camera left or right. Tilting it up and down lets you do so up to 180 degrees. The mount is basic and plastic, but it does the job.

This thing does everything a dash camera SHOULD be doing, but for a more affordable price. If this thing interests you, click the button below.

Aukey DR02

4. Aukey DR02

Look at what we have here... its the AUKEY DR02-USA automotive dashboard camera. Does it look similar to one we just mentioned?

Yes, it in fact looks very much like #2 on this list. However while they look almost identical, they are quite different.

We are yet again dealing with extreme convenience and simple mounting procedure. Mount it directly in the center and you'll have a great angle with 170 degree of viewing. When it comes to video quality, you guessed it. There's FHD 1080P at 30fps and 720p at 60 fps.

This unit DOES have GPS built-in, but you'll need to buy separate antennas for it. Recording happens even if there is no enabled GPS at that time with up to 128GB of maximum memory for storage.

NOTE: When you install a micro SD card, please make sure NOT to use Samsung EVO or Sandisk Ultra as they are not compatible with this model.

Looking at the 1.5" inch LCD display, there's a few buttons below it which gives you access to its primary functions. While being small in size, there is an acceptable level of ease that once mounted to the windshield, playing with those buttons will be a thing of the past.

It may not have the customer ratings to back it up quite as much as the Rexing V1 does... but it still is an enticing package, especially being priced so reasonably!

5. BlackVue DR900S-2CH

I had to include a VERY expensive unit if you are the type of person who wants the BEST quality possible. BlackVue is known for making exceptionally good dash cameras. I'd say its completely fine to ask yourself "why spend SO MUCH money" on a dash cam when you can get one for 1/3 of the cost and have excellent quality still.

Well, this is the BlackVue DR900S-2CH and it costs 500 usd, let me explain why it IS worth it.

There's a category of great dash cams that cost up to 200 usd on average. They will usually have plenty of bells and whistles to use during your everyday driving (often times, things you won't be using often yourself).

There's a category that has the bare minimum with features and records in just good-enough quality that they would be somewhat useful when SHTF.

Now there's a SEPARATE category where you get the BEST video quality, the BEST build quality, the BEST features, and GREAT customer service to back them up. This is where BlackVue comes into play.

If you are wondering why this is not #1, it's mostly because of the price tag. Not everyone wants to spend 400-500 usd for a dash cam. But for those who do, here are the MAIN features and capabilities this model has to offer.

The DR900S-2CH comes as a complete kit, there's a primary camera for the front and there's a back camera.

Mounting does not happen with a suction cup, instead you use 3M double sided tape which is meant for LONG-TERM mounting. There's a box called the "Power Magic Pro" that lets you connect both cameras together and get access directly via WiFi to your mobile phone (app available on iOS and Google Play Store).

You get a 16gb micro sd card that easily inserts into the main camera. Speaking of the main camera, there's the ability to record in 4K ULTRA HD. With built-in motion detection, they record even when the vehicle is not moving (and still not draining the battery, ever!).

Lastly there's GPS enabled with data stored in your videos as you record them.

For a PREMIUM price, you do get some great quality features and video quality. If this sounds appealing, click the button below.

Z-EDGE T4-001

6. Z-EDGE T4-001

At first glance, it looks like a basic dash camera that mounts directly to your windshield. But when looking closer, where are the physical buttons?

Coming in as the #6 on this list is the Z-EDGE T4-001 dash camera. This is a unique camera because it has focused on being MODERN. There's few physical buttons and instead, everything you control is on the screen that you can touch. Unlike most which have a whopping "1.5 inch" LCD screen, this thing has an impressive 4.0" inch screen (almost 3x bigger). Whats more is the rear camera that mounts to the back of the rear window of your car.

Once you wire everything together, you'll have a full front and back recording while you are driving.

Speaking of recording, you have the ability to record 1080p for front and back (combined) or when just doing the front, you can do 1440p at 30 fps. You can expend the storage up to 128GB, but in many cases the included 32GB micro SD card will be enough.

I do like what Z-EDGE has done with their software, they have given the user an ability to customize the style of their recording based on how they drive. When you start going through the interface of this dash camera, you'll see exactly what I mean.

Last few parts I'd like to mention is this kit can detect motion (even at night), it has a G sensor which lets the car start recording in an instant if there is a noticeable movement of the car (such as bump).

While being priced on the higher end, it is still reasonable in my opinion. To check it out, click the link below.

Aukey DR01

7. Aukey DR01

Aukey is back on this list and again... in a small package. However, the small size is what you probably want because it packs some tech inside that you'll love.

This is the DR01 by Aukey, i'd classify it as a budget friendly dash camera. It features a wide angle lens (according to them) which gives you about 170 degree viewing area. The small (but above average size) LCD screen is approximately 2" inches and pretty much everything else is located on the back of the camera.

Moving towards the screen, there are FOUR simple buttons which let you navigate from screen to screen. This is the type of camera which you can move to any part of your automobiles windshield, adjust it for proper pointing direction, and hardwire it.

Costing just a bit more than 50 dollars, you don't get a micro SD card. You can get one that does not cross the 128GB mark and you'll be good to go.

Recordings come out to 1080p at 30 fps, that's the standard recording format nowadays. Acceptable to say the least.

There's nothing more I'd like to mention about this dash camera as it is catered towards strict budgets. However, I can say with 100% certainty it would be a good enough product if you aren't looking for fancy features.

There's a link below you can see more of it.



I've said this before and I'll say it again with this dash cam, the AKASO V1 is a GREAT bang for the buck. But why is it not on the list of top 5?

Brand knowability and popularity of the product.

However, that didn't stop it from being on the top 9 list, so here you go. This dash camera has a unique recording quality of 1296p FHD instead of the regular 1080p FHD. As far as I am concerned, this one is the only one with this resolution I've come across when doing dash cam reviews.

For the price of around 68 dollars, you get GPS enabled. This is a great feature to have when saving your recordings. Often times finding GPS in cameras under 100 dollars is very hard, so props to AKASO.

There is no suction cup, so instead you get a single mounting bracket that has double sided tape. You DO have the ability to tilt this camera into any direction you desire. Mounting it in the center of your windshield isn't 100% necessary unlike with the other ones I mentioned here with double sided tape.

Other great features includes are a G-Sensor, WiFi (good when paired with the AKASO Car App), Night Vision, Loop Recording, and Park Monitoring.

For the price, they SHOCKED me when they included a 16GB micro SD card. Although being one of those cheap and generic "unbranded" cards, it's at least something.

Its a great buy and you shouldn't regret it!



We've come to the end of this list, the #9 best dash camera you should buy. To make this one special, I picked one that you would probably not considered before until now. This is the TOGUARD 7" Touch Mirror. It is pretty much what it looks like, a rear-mirror with a built-in camera.

For those of you who don't have built-in backup cameras, this is an excellent addition to your vehicle. The place where you look all the time is now a natural place you will look when backing up, but this time you'll ACTUALLY see behind yourself what simply looking over your should would not let you.

The mirror is a little bit bigger than standard mirrors. Mounting is extremely easy using two rubber straps. Turning it on and off is also a breeze, with just one physical button.

There's an intuitive touch screen that lets you navigate between both front and rear camera (once hardwires). You can easily navigate towards your previous recordings and adjust settings to ensure you record exactly how you want to.

This unit does not come with an SD card, but you can get one that can be up to 32GB (only?).

Recording resolution is 1080p at 30fps.

In conclusion, if your rear-view mirror is basic and you don't mind covering it with something else a bit bigger, this setup is for you. If you are in need of a back-up camera, look no further.

GOOD Dash Cameras Have THESE Features (Infographic)

What Do I Do From Here?

We've come to the end of this guide, I hope you have a good guidance point now. I went over the best dash cams on the market, as well as did fairly thorough dash camera reviews of each to give you the idea of KEY features you'd find super useful.

If you are ready to pick the camera of your choice, get it shipped as soon as possible and have it running before your next drive. Your extra set of eyes will now have the ability to save you time and money in the future if things ever go sour (I hope they never do for you though).

Consider sharing this post with anyone you know who needs advice on picking the right dash camera. Thank you so much and I'll see you in the next one!

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