10 Best Bluetooth FM Transmitters for Cars ​2020

best bluetooth transmitter

In this day and age, you’d be shocked to learn that some cars don’t come with bluetooth or auxiliary inputs.

In addition to that, many people today stuck with older vehicles simply can’t upgrade for newer ones. 

If you’re a person in this situation, I feel your pain. The first few cars had this exact issue and the most economical way around it was, to get a bluetooth fm transmitter

Have you ever had to suffer from listening to your music from your phone speakers, WHILE driving…

background noise combined with music from your phone simply don’t go together (mostly because its hard to hear even with the LOUDEST smartphone speakers). 

After I learned an easy way around that, it was a game changer. While I did go through a few different ones because sound quality was simply awful in some… digging deeper into better ones led me to find the best bluetooth fm transmitter for me. Ultimately, this led me to make this entire buyer’s guide.

There’s plenty of total crap transmitters which in many aren’t made well, and in some cases aren’t even able to properly connect to your phone and your automobiles radio. So, I started my research.What you will see below is a full list of the absolute BEST fm transmitters that are currently available.

Each one I made sure had an overall good score from past buyer’s, had features that most would actually WANT, and lastly… actually worked properly between all types of electronic devices (from iPhones, Androids, Tablets and so on).

Before you get to the 10 bluetooth fm transmitter reviews, for those who are in a hurry and don’t want to read reviews… there’s my TOP 3 picks right below.



Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Reviews

What you saw above is my 3 favorite picks from the entire list of 10 below. You got one for good value, one that was best overall and one that was the most premium pick when it comes to price and features. Now, I’ll be giving you a detailed review of each bluetooth transmitters.As you read each individual bluetooth fm transmitter review, you’ll get an understanding of what the product is, what kind of features it has, any important specs, and ultimately my verdict and why you should consider it. Have a read and enjoy!


1. IMDEN – Best FM Transmitter for Cars (Editors Choice)

Out of all the ones I analyzed and did reviews on, IMDEN made the best fm transmitter I could find. It’s like that for a few reasons, which I’ll cover shortly. One thing I can’t stand with these things is being too bulky, this is where this unit fixed that by looking completely ordinary (just like a regular USB charger).

Speaking of USB charger, there’s one with standard 2.1 amps and the other one which is QC3.0 fast charging compatible. In other words, for a phone that is compatible with this tech, you get faster charging speeds. For radio transmission, it’s very straight forward.

The beautifully blended LCD display with the radio station and forward/backward buttons, were placed in PROPER locations. When you connect your phone to this unit via bluetooth, you can get HANDS-FREE CALLING. Everything I mentioned is less than 20 dollars, which I think is a perfect mix of value and features. Don’t hesitate, grab one right now.


2. MPOW Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Coming in as a close second, is the MPOW fm transmitter kit. When you look at it, the thing looks radically different than all the other ones. There’s something special about it, and I think its the minimalistic layout which makes it so attractive. Plug it into a USB outlet, feed the wire through places where it can hide and place the small around button anywhere within reach so you can easily pick up, hang up calls, switch between songs, and power on/off the device.

An added bonus that I don’t see in many others, is the loop noise isolator which gives you clearer sound. While a bit bulky… it does help and I think you won’t notice too much. When you set this kit up, as long as your bluetooth is turn ON in your phone, you will automatically connect when starting your car. No more inconvenient moments wasted having to manually reconnect your phone to the bluetooth every time you start the car.

Aside from those great benefits, the others which are worth mentioning is the dual usb charger ports (1 amp and 2.4 amps), hands free calling capabilities, and a great price (25-30 dollars). If you want functionality and minimalism, this kit is for you!


3. NULAXY Bluetooth FM Transmitter

This one goes against what #1 and #2 above are. Being not discreet at all, Nulaxy Wireless transmitter makes a statement by being IN YOUR FACE with its design. I can definitely see why they would do this, as it is something that you can actually “grab” and “move around” with your hands. Different can sometimes be good!There’s a clear LCD display which shows you: radio station, name of song, if a device is connected into the usb port, time, how many minutes left in a song, what kind of device is connected, and a few other small things.

There’s also four physical buttons you can press for changing channels, fast forwarding, and a multifunction volume knob. The bluetooth connect-ability is GOOD and you should not have any issues having your phone connected. Other notable features which you may find useful are: SD car slot for music, aux port, and active voltage display option which will tell you current battery status.


4. ROAV Bluetooth FM Transmitter

When I first came across this unit, the first thing that came to my mind was a very nice automotive usb charger made by ANKER. The ROAV fm transmitter is very straightforward, working with only bluetooth as a primary way to connect electronic devices. You’ll find that quite handy, especially since there’s no dedicated apps required for pairing to happen. Where you’ll find it MOST useful is mounting anywhere in front of you, ideally at your finger tips by the car radio OR your transmission shifter.

As I said earlier about being straightforward, this aspect carries over to the design with just THREE buttons representing forward and backward, call and hangup, and a low-key display which shows you the radio station of your choice. Due to the small notch on the middle button, you can easily differentiate between forward, back, and call button. The last thing which I think you’ll find very useful are the DUAL usb ports. Each one can deliver at least 2.1 amps per device, reducing charge wait time. 


5. SUMIND Bluetooth FM Transmitter

If your vehicle is quite old, the radio is worn down and you need something to be an alternative to playing music in a more modern way… you need the Sumind Bluetooth FM Transmitter. It’s especially true if you have an old vehicle, like I said (anything with tunable FM frequencies). Looking at this entire unit, you may be quite surprise at first glance. Don’t get too shocker, as everything on this transmitter is placed where it should be with the most common functions.

Aside from being able to switch between different FM frequencies, you can adjust the volume of your tunes through the device itself. You can switch between tracks, use a micro USB card for music, charge your electronic devices from the two usb ports (2.4A and QualCom 3 Fast Charging), AUX input, and lastly… you can pick up and drop calls directly from the transmitter, using the multipurpose knob and front facing buttons.The last thing which you’ll find useful is the 1.7″ inch lcd display showing you song names, bluetooth status, connected device name, FM frequency being used, and a few other small things.


6. LIHAN Bluetooth FM Transmitter

When I came across the Lihan bluetooth fm transmitter and USB charger… I was a bit puzzled. The thing that struck me the most was their claim to the 3.1A charge rate that one port was able to put out. Whether that is true or not, my gut feeling is that it CAN but the mobile devices are the ones limiting the charge rate at a maximum of whatever they can take (usually 2.0-2.4 amps).

Similar to other models I talked about, this thing is functional with few buttons. As you see the front, there’s an LCD display underneath thin, plastic which is quite discreet. As for the buttons, regular forward, back, call and hangup buttons (in addition to also adjusting volume). Frequencies you can adjust from range from 87.5 to 108.0 mHz, giving you plenty of radio stations to sort through.

One cool feature that happens for just 3 seconds upon car startup, is displaying battery voltage. If you know this happens, looking at this transmitter would be the first place to see the current status (at a glimpse).


7. WPWPOO Bluetooth FM Transmitter

What’s this, yet again another look-alike of all the other ones I talked about? Nope, not very much this time, WPWPOO has something up their sleeve that others did not. But first, let’s talk about all its features and see what sets it apart.This entire unit is modeled after most USB chargers, however by looking at it… there seems to be something that happens when you move the top section.

On the front there’s a clear circular display showing you the frequency of your choice. Just a little bit further down, there’s a microphone that allows you to take calls while being connected via bluetooth. Lastly, there’s a very clear button which let you take a call and hangup a call. When you turn the top section towards the right, it exposes TWO usb ports which put out 2.4 amps at 5 volts each. Lastly there’s the section where you can switch frequencies. This part is located on the side and may be tricky to press if you have big fingers.

But on the bright side, it stays hidden and out of sight since most of us wouldn’t change radio frequencies often (once we found one that works).


8. ONEVER Bluetooth FM Transmitter

First time I saw this ONEVER fm transmitter, I said to myself “hmm, looks quite sleek!”. That it does, but that’s just the icing on the cake.You’re here for the quick review, so I’ll give it to you. First of all, it comes at less than 20 dollars meaning it’s priced competitively.

Because of the minimalistic design, you can expect the device to blend-in with any automotive background due to the beautiful black glossy color.On the front, yo’ll find simple touch sensitive buttons letting you go forward, backward, pause and play (simple functions, I know). But wait, there’s more with the things you can find on the sides.

There’s a single 5V 2.1 amp USB port for quick charging, a TF card reader port, and separate port for a USB flash drive. Connection between your phone and transmitter happen via bluetooth. When you get in and out of your vehicle, the device is programmed to automatically connect to your phone. Things like hands-free calling can easily be done here, in addition to being able to monitor your cars battery by checking the voltage.


9. TECKNET Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Barebones is the name of the game, that’s TeckNet’s moto. Or at least that is what it seems like. This is the TeckNet F27 bluetooth fm transmitter, and it ha a unique design. Unlike the ones you see above (with the exception of #2), this one seems to be designed to be more of an AUX cable than anything else. But built inside is the ability to switch between radio stations and connecting to your mobile device. There’s only two buttons, and they are for changing radio stations.

That’s it.

For some this may be the ideal minimal, low-key setup without ringing the alarm too loud to everyone that there’s no aux port inside your vehicle. As standard, the 12 volt plug features a USB port which can charge up to 2.1 amps for any electronic device. For those iPhones and Androids which still have the aux input, this kit is for you!


10. SCOSCHE Bluetooth FM Transmitter

I can remember vividly my fist FM transmitter that I used in my first ever car (a Subaru Legacy Wagon from the late 90’s). There was no cassette, no cd, no aux, only AM and FM radio. What I did then is buy a SCOSCHE bluetooth fm transmitter in Walmart for around 40 dollars. Back then they were a bit expensive until they started to become popular.

The thing was pretty easy to use, with an AUX jack on the side, one USB port to charge my phone at an OK pace (nothing crazy fast). What I did like was being able to easily navigate between different radio stations using the rubberized buttons. This unit has a separate remote control which gives you control of hands-free calling, selecting frequencies, skipping and going back to certain tracks, adjusting the music equalizer settings, and lastly… letting you dial numbers. Overall, I recommend this kit since it dropped in price since the day I bought mine.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Won’t My FM Transmitter Connect?

If you are having trouble connecting to your fm transmitter, there’s a few trouble shooting steps you can take. Not everything will work out properly, and combating this by doing some basic troubleshooting steps would prove to be in most cases the solution. Here’s what to do if your phone won’t connect to your bluetooth device.

  • Ensure Your Bluetooth Is On: This may be an OBVIOUS thing to do but you’d be surprised how many people would forget this all together. Some think bluetooth is on all the time, but that is NOT the case. When you turn it on, ensure you press the appropriate button on your transmitter device so your phone can start recognizing the device.
  • Ensure Compatibility: Make sure you are REALLY compatible with bluetooth. Some fm transmitters just do aux cords only. To make sure, check the box to see if that is the case. If you see the Bluetooth Icon, it means you are compatible.
  • Turn Off and On Your Device: Whatever device you use to play music, try turning it off, waiting a few minutes, and turning it back on again. For some reason, electronic nowadays have this issue that by doing this trick, you fix it.
  • If All Else Fails: If your phone has been turned on and off, you pressed the bluetooth button on the transmitter and nothing… the only thing you have left to do is to exchange for a different unit. Faulty electronics are everywhere, so the sooner you figure this out the better it will be.


What Station Is Best for FM Transmitter?

When you have your fm transmitter inside your vehicle, getting to the right stations can be difficult because most likely prior to this, you didn’t pay attention to those “staticky” radio stations. The best recommendation I can give you is to simply go through the entire band of frequencies, see which ones have the most static in a row (like for example three or four stations have no reception at all, meaning generally good frequency to use for clearer sound). One other thing you can do, is simply go to a radio locator website which tells you which radio frequency is vacant in YOUR area.

How To Improve Improve Sound Quality?

There are times when you are driving and you think you’ve been using the PERFECT station… but then you start hearing static noise. What you need to do next is go find the next best radio station.As you drive around, one radio station that you found that WORKS may not be one that works somewhere else (even just a few miles away). Just go check for the new areas ideal stations to continue hearing clear music.

In some cases, having your electronic device plugged into the charger and being connected via bluetooth (or aux), will cause a slight static background noise which as soon as you unplug it goes away.Last thing to keep in mind is to keep the volume of your music device to 75%-80% max. Instead turn it up or down in your automobile, this also makes sounds clearer.

How To Connect Phone To An FM Transmitter?

You first need to figure out which button on your transmitter will activate the bluetooth option. Look into the instructions to figure that out, but in many cases it can be done by just playing with the transmitter. Once you figure that out, you need to turn ON bluetooth in your electronic device and discover the fm transmitter (often the name is just the manufacturer and model name). Once that is done, if all steps are followed, you should be connected.

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