About AvtoWow


I Review Electric and Plug-In Hybrid Cars. 

About AvtoWow

The Mission

To get 1,000,000 people converted to electric powered vehicles.


AvtoWow got you covered

Since 2018, we’ve been in the automotive space driving and reviewing electric vehicles from all budget levels. From Tesla Model S to Chevy Bolt EV, and everything in between. We aim to be your #1 source for ALL old and modern electric and plug-in hybrid cars. 

  • Find the best electric car for you
  • Save money on transportation costs
  • Put more money in your pocket with little to no repair costs
  • Troubleshoot and address most frequently asked questions for electric and plug-in hybrids

Our Team

Ivan Phillips, founder of AvtoWow

Ivan Gordiyenko


As an avid EV enthusiast, I have spent the last 5 years driving, testing and learning more about electric and plug-in hybrid cars. You can find me on YouTube and Instagram where I keep everyone up to date. And of course, there’s the AvtoWow website as well.

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We share photos and short clips of electric and plug-in hybrid cars. Show you the latest automobiles as well.


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